Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Research

Research Specializations

Cardiovascular research, modeling, and device engineering

This group works on improving treatment of cardiovascular disease with stents and surgery. They use image-based models of a patient's vasculature and run computational models to obtain biomechanical indices of vascular function and dysfunction. These model results can lead to better stent design and better surgical methods. They also use visualization tools that can guide cardiovascular research and clinical practice.


Dr. John LaDisa

Global Respiratory Technology

A global respiratory therapeutic device – the human powered nebulizer (HPN) – has been developed at Marquette. Research includes clinical trials of the HPN in new regions and for new applications. They also conduct public health studies of cost-effectiveness and implementation with ministries of health and non-governmental organizations.


Dr. Lars Olson

Pulmonary vascular, cellular, and molecular research

This group works on studying lung vascular function and other aspects of lung physiology. They study clinical applications ranging from acute lung injury to improving lung transplantation. They use technologies ranging from micro CT to biomarkers of metabolism to help advance understanding of mechanisms of lung vascular disease.


Dr. Said Audi

Professor and student using milling machine

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