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Mary Shimoyama
Dr. Mary ShimoyamaMarquette University

Medical College of Wisconsin

MilwaukeeWI53201United States of America
(414) 955-7505
Curriculum Vitae

Associate Professor

Biomedical Engineering


Co-Director, Doctoral Program

Biomedical and Health Informatics, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) and Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW)

Co-Director, Master's Program

Bioinformatics, Marquette University (MU) and Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW)


 External Scientific Advisory Board Appointments 

  • Center for ELSI Resources and Analysis (CERA)
  • Mouse Genome Database (MGD)
  • NIDA Center for GWAS in Outbred Rats


Professional Preparation

  • Ph.D., 2011, Medical Informatics, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • M.S., 1981, Leisure Studies, Florida State University
  • B.S., 1978, Music Therapy, University of Miami

Research Interests

  • Biomedical and Health Informatics
  • Development of knowledgebases and research platforms
  • Data standardization and integration
  • Ontology development and implementation
  • Genomics and genetics analysis and software tools
  • Data mining and visualization
  • Innovative software and user interfaces


  • Shimoyama, Mary E. (Co-investigator); Paul Sternberg, Carol Bult (Principal Investigators); "Alliance Central: A Platform for Sustainable Development of Next Generation Genome Knowledgebases." Sponsored by the National Human Genome Research Institute, NIH (September 18, 2019–July 31, 2024).
  • Shimoyama, Mary E. (Multiple PIs); Dwindell, Melinda (Multiple PIs); "Dissemination and Coordinating Center for the Somatic Cell Gene Editing Consortium." Sponsored by Officer of the Director, NIH (February 1, 2019–November 30, 2023).
  • Shimoyama, Mary E. (Principal Investigator), "Rat Genome Database." Sponsored by the NHLBI at NIH (January 4, 2019–December 31, 2022).
  • Shimoyama, Mary E. (Co-investigator); Dwinell, Melinda (Principal), "Hybrid Rat Diversity Program." Sponsored by the NORIP (August 1, 2018–April 30, 2022). 
  • Shimoyama, Mary E. (Co-investigator), "Harmonizing Disease Annotation of Mouse and Rat Models through the Human Disease Ontology." Sponsored by the NIH (September 1, 2015–June 30, 2016). 
  • Shimoyama, Mary E. (Principal Investigator), "Rat Genome Database (MOD) Commons Pilot Supplement." Sponsored by the NIH (September 2015–August 2016).


Student and professor working on 3-D printing

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