Grant Development

Research Funding Resources at Your Fingertips

For assistance in identifying research funding opportunities or preparing competitive proposals, the biomedical engineering department can provide assistance via the Opus College of Engineering Grant Development Office and the MCW Grants and Contracts Office. We encourage you to visit both of these offices online or on campus to determine the most appropriate resources for your funding needs.

Research Resources

The BME Department offers many tools and services to assist researchers in developing prototypes, projects and programs. Here are just a few of the resources available to our students and collaborators:

Design and Fabrication Services

The engineering labs at both Marquette University and MCW are equipped with lathes, CNC and manual milling machines, band saws, drill presses, and all essential tooling of a full fabrication facility. Our engineering staff has more than 30 years of experience with design and fabrication systems including: mechanical, electrical/electronic, pneumatic, robotic and programmable.

3D Printing Services

The BME department offers 3D printing services for materials such as biocompatible plastics, ceramic, elastomers, metal and lacquered paper.

Proteomics Tools

These tools were developed as part of a National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Proteomics Center project to aid proteomics researchers in data visualization and analysis. The web-based tools are used to identify post-translationally modified proteins on 2D gels and peptides based on their composition. The downloadable tools enable analysis of O18 data to visualize, quantitate and analyze high throughput proteomic data sets.

International Evidence Locker

An easy to use App designed to capture photographic evidence of mass atrocities or human rights violations using a smartphone. The photos are date/time/GPS location stamped for evidentiary purposes, and all file information is encrypted immediately after the photos are taken. The evidence is then sent simultaneously to two secure drop-boxes to be used in judicial proceedings. The app is masked so that the person collecting evidence is protected, and the pictures are never saved to the phone to prevent manipulation. This program is a partnership between the BME Department, Humanity United, US Agency for International Development (USAID), University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Mobile App Brewery and the West Allis Police Department.

Education Outreach Program

Our outreach partnerships with area schools are designed to educate students, teachers and citizens of the Greater Milwaukee area about the impact of biotechnology and bioengineering on daily life. We host teachers from area schools in our laboratories during an intense summer training session to teach them about new scientific techniques and enable them to use laboratory equipment to further enhance their scientific understanding. We assist teachers in developing thematic inquiry-based labs and enriching their curriculum to help students better understand course content.

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