Student Design Projects

The Marquette and Medical College of Wisconsin Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering's capstone course focuses on detailed design, prototyping, and testing design concepts. This course includes topics directly relevant to student design projects and careers in the engineering profession. Student team design projects culminate in a final report that documents the performance and details (engineering drawings and/or documentation) of their final design. 


Senior Design: 2019-2020

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B1: Spinal Implant Impact Test Device 

Sponsor:  Z. Dooley, Seaspine, Inc. 

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Stemper 

Team:  N. DeGuzman, E. Dold, J. Horder, M. Weglarz, C. Maghfour


B7: Myolite Sensor Wearable EMG Biofeedback Device

Sponsor:  D. Neumann  

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Beardsley

Team:  F. Fuentes, J. Bodewig, C. Dolick, L. Dowell, M. Ballanger


B9: Automated Measurements of Brachial Artery Flow Mediated

Sponsor:  M. Widlansky, Medical College of Wisconsin 

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Hoffmann

Team:  D. Whipple, E. Moravec, D. Pederson, A. Goetz, H. Kleinhans


B11: Non-Invasive Core Body Temperature Sensor

Sponsor:  B. T. Woodson, Medical College of Wisconsin

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Garcia

Team:  T. Feller, J. Burgess, M. Thayer, R. Guzek, R. Patel


B12: Heart Rate Variability and Baroflex Gain Monitor

Sponsor:  T. Ebert, Medical College of Wisconsin

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Tefft

Team:  A. Thomas, B. Shaughnessy, D. Fraley, D. Peters     


B15: Affordable Battery Powered Ventilator for Developing Countries

Sponsor:  Dr. Olson

Faculty Advisor:  

Team:  L. Finney, R. Dowdle, B. Dolan, A. Batson, C. Son  


B18: Continuous pH Sensing Retainer

Sponsor:  C. Okunseri, Marquette School of Dentistry

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Wang

Team:  E. Van Hare, M. Ford, J. Horning, B. Kocer, Z. Novak


B20: Assistive Golf Grip

Sponsor:  K. Beauchamp  

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Goldberg 

Team:  C. Alba, D. Dumond, K. Coplen, J. Kubik


B21: Customizable Learning Tool to Increase Engagement

Sponsor:  M. Houser, Menomonee Falls School District

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Beardsley

Team:  G. Heller, L. Radtke, T. Wasson, R. Martin, P. O’Brien


B23: Assistive Camera Control Device

Sponsor:  K. Schultz, Clement Zablocki VA Medical Center  

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Pintar 

Team:  B. Van Niel, N. Clayton, W. Youman, M. Makdah, N. Sutka


B24: Heart Kart

Sponsor:  C. Vogel, Lurie Children’s Hospital 

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Onushko 

Team: S. Gorzek, T. Adam, E. Debelak, A. McGrew, M. Purdue


B25: All-terrain Walker

Sponsor:  S. Nielsen  

Faculty Advisor:  Drs. Fritz and Harris

Team:  S. Flores, V. Pescatore, K. Revelis, T. Lang, K. Chamberlain


B26: Portable Oxygen Tank for Use During Sporting Events

Sponsor:  A. Morgan-Tautges, C. Schindler, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Goldberg

Team:  L. Barbosa, C. Lyons, S. Zapart, M. Roeske, A. Pletcher


B29: Reducing Shoulder Injuries in Sled Hockey

Sponsor:  M. Uihlein, United States Sled Hockey Team

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Schmit 

Team:  A. Flores Martinez, M. Lehner, B. Lee, M. Ramos, S. Turner


B31: Automating Quantification of Intracranial Aneurysms

Sponsor:  K. Koch, Medical College of Wisconsin 

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Audi

Team:  G. Johnson, A. Adali, A. Kratzke, M. Young , J. Grieshop


B32: CT Table Extender

Sponsor:  A. Cohen, GE Healthcare

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Cook  

Team:  E. De Leon, E. Wasson, A. Clark, W. Gilmore, M. Hing


B34: Handcycle Power Assist for Veterans with Spinal Cord Injuries 

Sponsor:  J. Casey, Clement Zablocki VA Medical Center 

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Goldberg

Team:  M. Alberico, V. Ocampo, Z. Clausen, S. Davies, H. Zitzer



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