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The academic and clinical backbone of the Stroke Rehabilitation Center (SRC) of Southeastern Wisconsin is our collaboration with researchers and clinicians. If you are a physician or researcher, we welcome you to join us in advancing evidence-based research and patient-centered clinical care to impact the daily lives of stroke survivors.

Tangible resources provided by the SRC include:

  • Grant development, pre-submission review, and administration.
  • Administrative support for basic research and clinical trials.
  • Educational support for placing research fellows in labs conducting active research programs in stroke rehabilitation, for placing physical therapy students in rotations through the neurorehabilitation clinics, and for placing Ph.D. students into clinical settings.
  • Access to a collaborative database of stroke survivors interested in participating in basic science and clinical research. This REDCap database is maintained by the SRC and includes searchable fields for demographics and medical history, results of common clinical tests (e.g., upper extremity Fugl-Meyer, 10 meter walk test) and provides access to MRI DICOM images and radiology reports.

As a member, you will gain access to these resources, receive our newsletter, learn about opportunities for research funding and more.


The SRC's research focuses on translational research with patient centered rehabilitation outcomes and is guided by a community academic advisory board to engage the community in the mission of the center. Our current stroke-centered neurorehabilitation initiatives include:

  • Imaging
  • Novel technology
  • Clinical interventions
  • Community-engaged research

To review descriptions of our current studies, visit our research studies page. We are also interested in speech, occupational therapy, and physical therapy research collaborations on cognition and memory.

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