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About the Ocular and Computer Vision Laboratory

Led by Dr. Robert F. Cooper, the Ocular and Computer Vision Laboratory seeks to understand the underpinnings of vision in health and disease by imaging the retina with advanced, non-invasive imaging devices—such as the adaptive optics scanning laser ophthalmoscope—and analyzing the resultant images with state-of-the-art computer vision techniques.  The OCVL actively collaborates with engineers, vision scientists and clinicians around the world and holds a fervent belief in research transparency and open-source code.

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About Our Code

The OCVL fervently believes in data-transparency and open-source code.  In accordance with those beliefs, the OCVL is happy to share data or code from any published work.  Additional code can be found in the OCVL's data repository and is free for use to all researchers.  When using OCVL open-source code, don't thank us, cite us! 

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In the News

Mar 21, 2023:  Dr. Cooper and collaborators at the University of Pennsylvania have been awarded a U.S. Patent for "Non-invasive Assessment of Human Cone Photoreceptor Function."  The patent outlines novel methodology for assessing the health of human photoreceptors at the cellular level by measuring changes in photoreceptor reflectance.