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Led by Drs. Janelle Cross and William Raasch, OREC's Sports Medicine Motion Analysis Laboratory collaborates with investigators at both Marquette University and the Medical College of Wisconsin and supports research led by engineering students, medical students, residents, and fellows. Learn more below.

Faculty & Staff 


Headshot of Dr. Janelle CrossJanelle Cross, Ph.D.

Research Director

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Headshot of Dr. William RaaschWilliam Raasch, M.D.

Medical Director

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Cody Dziuk

Research Engineer

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Residents and Fellows

Meghan Caballero, M.D.

PM&R Resident, Relationship Between Injury History and Pitching Biomechanics in Adolescent Baseball Pitchers, 08/2019–present

Ryan Wagner, M.D.

Sports Medicine Fellow, Correlations between fastball spin rate and pitching arm biomechanics in adolescent baseball pitchers, 09/2019–6/2020


MCW Medical Students 

Maxwell Albiero

Energy Flow Analysis of Professional and Collegiate Baseball Pitchers, 11/2018–present

Clark Andrews

Validation of Delsys Trigno IMU Sensors for Use in Biomechanical Running Models, 11/20165/2020

Bryce Hrudka 

Energy Flow Analysis of High School and Collegiate Baseball Pitchers, 08/2020–present 

Christopher McGee

Correlations between fastball spin rate and pitching arm biomechanics in adolescent baseball pitchers, 11/2019–present

James Saxton

Gender Differences of Joint Coordination and Kinetics in Healthy Runners, 11/2017–present


Marquette Graduate Students 

Marwan Aljohani, Ph.D.

The Role of Movement Pattern in Relation to Running Related Injuries Risk Factors, completed 2019.

Austin Higgins, M.S.

Correlations between Shoulder Rotational Motion Strength Measures and Throwing Biomechanics in Collegiate Baseball Pitchers, completed 2019.

Fadumo Mohamud, M.S.

Determining the Correlations between Plantar Pressure and Joint Kinematics while Running, completed 2020.

Natalie Nelson, M.S.

Investigation of the Effects of Prosthetic Knee Condition on Novice Transfemoral Amputee Runners, completed 2018.