About the Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Engineering Center

The Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Engineering Center (OREC) is designed to promote and encourage significant advances in clinical research through coordinated endeavors between Marquette University and the Medical College of Wisconsin. These opportunities are afforded to faculty and students at Marquette University and to faculty, fellows, and residents in the departments of Orthopaedic Surgery and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Medical College of Wisconsin. 

Designed to be of mutual benefit to faculty, students and staff, OREC seeks to establish a focus of excellence with national recognition in research and research training while increasing levels of extramural support. Through economics of scale, OREC offers an academically effective and cost-efficient means of supporting high-level, productive, clinical research laboratories, and it provides academic opportunities to faculty and students that support professional development of the highest caliber.

Recent News

Students adapting ride-in toy car for use by children with different abilitiesFlipping the Switch:  How two Marquette Engineers help children in need play and explore

November 2023: Imagine someone who tinkers with children’s toys year-round in a tucked-away workshop, travels to all corners of the globe and dedicates their work to serving children and families.

Now ignore any famous North Pole residents and consider a pair of Marquette engineers operating a similarly joy-filled operation a few thousand miles south in Wisconsin.

Play is work and work is play for research engineer Molly Erickson, Eng ’18, and Dr. Gerald Harris, Grad ’78, ’81, two alumni graduating 40 years apart who drive community outreach initiatives for the Marquette and Medical College of Wisconsin Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Engineering Center (OREC), a conglomerate of research laboratories specializing in motion analysis, sports medicine, biomaterials and histology, and orthopaedic biomechanics that Harris co-founded in 1989 … Continue Reading

Drs. Jeffrey Toth and Carol Everson Receive $555 K NIH Award to Study Chronic Sleep Deficiency as a Cause of Bone Loss in Aging 

Bucks, Modine host ride-on car fitting day in collaboration with OREC's Go Baby Go! MKE (Milwaukee Bucks Community Facebook Page)

Go Baby Go!: OREC Engineers work to adapt motorized cars for children with special needs (Fox6 Milwaukee)

Flipping the Switch:  How two Marquette Engineers help children in need play and explore (Marquette Today)

Adaptive Toy Build:  OREC Engineers work with Penfield Children's Center and a host of volunteers to adapt toys for use by children with different abilities  (Association for Manufacturing Technology, Marquette Today, NBC 4, TMJ4, FOX6, 620WTMJ, WISN 12)

OREC Global Mobility Engineer Molly Erickson visits Xavier Gait Lab in Mumbai, India

Marquette engineering students recreate 'Santa's Workshop' for children at Penfield Children's Center (58 WDJT—Milwaukee)

Inclusive Play, a collaborative project between OREC and Penfield Children's Center seeking to provide accessible toys for use by children with different abilities, completes second Build Day (TMJ4, Morning Blend)