In collaboration with affiliative institutions, the MU-MCW Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Engineering Center supports research laboratories specializing in motion analysis, sports medicine, biomaterials & histology, and orthopaedic biomechanics.  Together, these laboratories are uniquely equipped to investigate a broad range of orthopaedic and rehabilitation engineering challenges, with an ultimate goal of improving care and quality of life for patients suffering from orthopaedic abnormalities and dysfunction.


Biomaterials sample from the Biomaterials & Histology LaboratoryOREC's Biomaterials & Histology Laboratory

OREC's Biomaterials & Histology Laboratory (BIMA) evaluates bone void fillers and bone graft substitutes, mechanisms and clinical applications of osteoinductive materials, and evaluation of materials for orthopaedic and spine devices.

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Data capture from gait motion analysis study.Center for Motion Analysis at MCW

The Center for Motion Analysis (CMA) at MCW specializes in gait analysis for pediatric and adult patients, including quantitative motion assessment for the distal extremities in sports applications and rehabilitation.

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Foot x-rays produced in Shriners' Motion Analysis CenterMotion Analysis Center at Shriners—Chicago

The Motion Analysis Center at Shriners Hospitals for Children—Chicago uses sophisticated technology to analyze gait patterns, three-dimensional lower extremity joint motion, forces acting on the body that influence gait, and muscle activation patterns.

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Orthopaedic Evalution of a knee in OREC's Motion Analysis LaboratoriesOREC's Motion Analysis Laboratories

OREC's Motion Analysis Laboratories focus on developing new approaches to human motion analysis in clubfoot and cerebral palsy, pediatric risk assessment, and biomaterial properties of pediatric bone.

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X-ray of the an acetabulum taken in the Orthopaedic Biomechanics LaboratoryOREC's Orthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratory

OREC's Orthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratory focuses on understanding the impact of diseases and injuries on biomechanical behaviors of the joints and bones, as well as seeking new orthopaedic interventions and technologies to restore their functions.

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Baseball on black backgroundSports Medicine Motion Analysis Laboratory

The Sports Medicine Motion Analysis Laboratory at Froedtert and MCW simulates real-life sports environments in their efforts to investigate injury prevention and performance enhancement in athletes. 

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