Located in the Translational and Biomedical Research Center on MCW's main campus, facilities of the Nanomedicine and Image-guided Interventions Laboratory house multiple wide-area optical imaging systems, as well as nanoparticle synthesis and physiochemical characterization facilities for earth-metal-based nanoparticles for drug delivery, imaging, and light-triggered therapies.  


Featured Capabilities

Imaging Modalities

The facilities at NIGIL feature a variety of imaging modalities for infrared, shortwave infrared and thermal imaging, including image-intensified, dual-image-intensified and electron multiplying CCD cameras from Princeton Instruments capable of frequency modulation and nanosecond time gating in the 400–900 nm range; the indium-gallium-arsenide (InGaAs) camera system for shortwave infra-red (SWIR) imaging (900-1800 nm); as well as the FLIR thermal imaging systems.


Imaging Chambers

NIGIL features rodent imaging chambers for live animal dynamic imaging for bioluminescence, visible to shortwave IR fluorescence, as well as a mobile cart-based imaging apparatus for swine and canine imaging.


Therapeutic Lasers

Investigators at NIGIL have access to Class-IIIB and class-IV therapeutic lasers at multiple wavelengths for photothermal and photodynamic therapy.


Nanoparticle Synthesis & Physiochemical Characterization Facilities

Nanoparticle synthesis and physiochemical characterization facilities are available for liposomes, polymeric nanoparticles, gold, silver and rare earth metal-based nanoparticles for drug delivery, imaging and light triggered therapies.