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3D rendering of cationic liposomal nanoparticle suspension

Targeted Therapy for Middle Ear Infections

Dr. Joshi's Newly Patented nanoparticle seeks to revolutionize pediatric ear care

May 26, 2022: Middle ear infection is the most common cause of doctor visits for children. As a result of the tight passageway created by the size of the young eustachian tube, in conjunction with the tube’s only slightly downward slope in children, secretions and fluid buildup normally draining from the middle ear and into the sinuses often becomes trapped, creating an enticing environment for proliferation of infectious agents such as bacteria.  As we move into adulthood, the diameter of the tube widens and the slope becomes more severe, which is why the problem of the middle ear infection seems to all but disappear, but before this happens, it is estimated that the average child will have been prescribed up to 17 full courses of antibiotics meant to help treat this common childhood malady.

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