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Regarding Prerequisites

GRE Requirements are optional for all Fall 2024 applications for all graduate degrees. For further information regarding Graduate Studies in the MU-MCW Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering, submit your email address. 

Prospective Students

If you are considering advancing your career in biomedical engineering by pursuing a master's or doctoral degree, the Marquette University and Medical College of Wisconsin Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering provides a wealth of engaging clinical and research experiences designed to shape you into a leader in your chosen field. 

The Joint Department will assist you in advancing your learning, problem-solving skills and research experiences through exposure to both engineering leaders and faculty physicians who are working on solutions to the challenges currently faced in the medical field. Additionally, you will have opportunities to work on projects with industry partners, allowing you to gain a greater understanding of the R&D process from a corporate perspective, all of which gives you a broad range of exciting career opportunities upon earning your degree.


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Current Students

The Faculty and Staff of the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering are dedicated to providing current graduate students with the environment, resources, and support they need to excel academically and succeed in their chosen specialization upon graduation. 


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