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Faculty Directory

Dr. Frank  Pintar Dr. Frank Pintar Kern Professor and Chair, Biomedical Engineering (414) 384-2000, ext. 41534
Dr. Said  Audi Dr. Said Audi Director of Graduate Studies, Biomedical Engineering (414) 288-3506
Dr. Scott  Beardsley Dr. Scott Beardsley Director of Undergraduate Studies, Biomedical Engineering (414) 288-4448
Dana  Cook Dana Cook Professor of Practice, Opus College of Engineering (414) 288-3514
Dr. Robert F. Cooper Dr. Robert F. Cooper Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering (414) 288-5205
Dr. Ranjan  Dash Dr. Ranjan Dash Co-Director of Graduate Studies, Biomedical Engineering (414) 955-4497
Dr. Guilherme  Garcia Dr. Guilherme Garcia Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Otolaryngology and Communication Sciences (414) 955-4466
Dr. Taly  Gilat-Schmidt Dr. Taly Gilat-Schmidt Professor, Biomedical Engineering (414) 288-4447
Dr. Jay  Goldberg Dr. Jay Goldberg Clinical Professor, Biomedical Engineering (414) 288-6059
Dr.  Adam S. Greenberg Dr. Adam S. Greenberg Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering (414) 955-2493
Dr. Gerald  Harris Dr. Gerald Harris Professor Emeritus, Biomedical Engineering (414) 288-4448
Dr.  Jim  Hokanson Dr. Jim Hokanson Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering (414) 702-5935
Dr. Dean  Jeutter Dr. Dean Jeutter Professor Emeritus, Biomedical Engineering
Dr. Amit  Joshi Dr. Amit Joshi Vice Chair for Research and Clinical Affairs, Biomedical Engineering (414) 955-7588
Dr. John  LaDisa, Jr. Dr. John LaDisa, Jr. Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering (414) 288-6739
Dr. Lars  Olson Dr. Lars Olson Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering (414) 288-3529
Dr. Kristina  Ropella Dr. Kristina Ropella Dean, Opus College of Engineering (414) 288-5460
Dr. Robert  Scheidt Dr. Robert Scheidt Professor, Biomedical Engineering (414) 288-6124
Dr. Brian  Schmit Dr. Brian Schmit Professor & Hammes Family Chair , Biomedical Engineering (414) 288-6125
Dr. Barbara  Silver-Thorn Dr. Barbara Silver-Thorn Associate Professor Emerita
Dr. Brian  Stemper Dr. Brian Stemper Professor, Biomedical Engineering (414) 384-2000, ext. 41525
Dr.  Brandon J. Tefft Dr. Brandon J. Tefft Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering (414) 955-2470
Dr. Bo  Wang Dr. Bo Wang Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering (414) 955-2346
Dr. Jordan  J. Williams Dr. Jordan J. Williams Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering (414) 288-7569
Dr. Jack M. Winters Dr. Jack M. Winters Professor Emeritus, Biomedical Engineering
Dr. Bing  Yu Dr. Bing Yu Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering (414) 288-3251
Student and professor working on 3-D printing

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