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Ranjan Dash
Dr. Ranjan DashMarquette University

Medical College of Wisconsin

MilwaukeeWI53201United States of America
(414) 955-4497Google Scholar
Curriculum Vitae

Co-Director of Graduate Studies

Biomedical Engineering


Biomedical Engineering


Professional Preparation

  • Postdoc, 2006, Computational Systems Biology, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland
  • Postdoc, 2003, Computational Systems Biology, University of Washington, Seattle
  • Postdoc, 2000, Computational Biofluid Dynamics, Texas A&M University, College Station
  • Ph.D., 1998, Computational Biofluid Dynamics, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India
  • M.Sc., 1991, Applied Mathematics, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India

Research Interests

  • Computational Systems Biology & Bioengineering
  • Molecular, Cellular & Cardiovascular Physiology
  • Cardiac Energy Metabolism & Ischemia-reperfusion Injury
  • Renal Energy Metabolism & Salt-sensitive Hypertension

Specific Research Interests

  • Mathematical modeling & computer simulations of integrated physiological systems
  • Computational methods & algorithms for data analysis & parameter estimation
  • Microcirculatory oxygen and carbon dioxide transport & acid-base regulation
  • Physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modeling for drug transport and metabolism
  • Integrated blood-tissue solute transport & cellular/mitochondrial energy metabolism
  • Cardiac electrophysiology, calcium handling & excitation-contraction coupling
  • Mitochondrial calcium & reactive oxygen species homeostasis & oxidative stress
  • Modeling & analysis of large-scale biochemical networks, protein-protein interaction networks & gene regulatory networks

Selected Recent Publications

Terhune SS#,$, Jung Y$, Cataldo K, and Dash RK#. Network mechanisms and dysfunction within an integrated computational model of progression through mitosis in the human cell cycle. PLoS Comp Biol 16(4): e1007733, 2020. [# Equal contributions for senior authorship; $Equal contributions for first authorship]

Audi SH, Cammarata A, Dash RK, Clough AV, and Jacobs ER. Quantification of mitochondrial membrane potential in the isolated rat lung using rhodamine 6G. J Appl Physiol 128(4):892-906, 2020.

Korman B, Dash RK, and Peyton PJ. Elucidating the roles of solubility and ventilation-perfusion mismatch in the second gas effects using a two-step model of gas exchange. J Appl Physiol 2020.

Xie D, Audi SH, and Dash RKA size modified Poisson-Boltzmann ion channel model in a solvent of multiple ionic species: Application to VDAC. J Comp Chem 41(3):218-230, 2020.

Zhang X, Dash RK#, Clough AV, Xie D, Jacobs ER, and Audi SH#Integrated computational model of lung tissue bioenergetics. Front Physiol 10:191, 2019. [# Equal contributions for senior authorship.] 

Tomar N, Sadri S, Cowley AW Jr, Yang C, Qureshi N, Pannala VR, Audi SH, and Dash RKA thermodynamically-constrained mathematical model for the kinetics and regulation of NADPH oxidase 2 complex-mediated electron transfer and superoxide production. Free Rad Biol Med 134:581-597, 2019.

Korman B, Dash RK, and Peyton PJ. Effect of net gas volume changes on alveolar gas and arterial blood in the presence of ventilation-perfusion mismatch. J Appl Physiol 126(3): 558-568, 2019.

Zhang X, Dash RK#, Jacobs ER, Camara AKS, Clough AV, and Audi SH#. Integrated computational model of the bioenergetics of isolated lung mitochondria. PLoS One 13(6):e0197921, 2018. [# Equal Contributions for Senior Authorships].

Korman B, Dash RK, and Peyton PJ. Can mathematical modeling explain the measured magnitude of the second gas effect? Anesthesiology 128(6): 1075–1083, 2018.

Pannala VR, Camara AKS, and Dash RK. Modeling the detailed kinetics of mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase: Catalytic mechanism and nitric oxide inhibition. J Appl Physiol, 121: 11961207, 2016.

Ranji M, Salehpour F, Motlagh MM, Sepehr R, Heisner JS, Dash RK, and Camara AKS. Optical cryoimaging reveals a heterogeneous distribution of mitochondrial redox states in the ex vivo guinea pig heart and its alteration during ischemia and reperfusion. IEEE J Trans Eng Health Med 4:1800210, 2016.

Blomeyer CA, Bazil JN, Stowe DF, Dash RK, and Camara AKS. Mg2+ differentially regulates two modes of mitochondrial Ca2+ uptake in isolated cardiac mitochondria: Implications for mitochondria Ca2+ sequestration. J Bioenerg Biomemb 48(3):175178, 2016.


Additional Publications and Profiles

Recent Grants

  • Dash, Ranjan K. (Principal Investigator); Terhune, Scott (Co-principal Investigator).  "Predictive Modeling of Cytomegalovirus Replication and Antiviral Efficacy."   Sponsored by NIH/NIAID (March 18, 2020–March 17, 2022).  

  • Dash, Ranjan K. (Principal Investigator); Bassingthwaighte, James (Director, Principal Investigator).  "Analyzing the Cardiac Power Grid:  Adaptive Responses to Fluctuating Local Demand."  Sponsored by NIH/NHLBI (September 15, 2015–May 31, 2021).
  • Dash, Ranjan K. (Principal Investigator); Bosnjak, Zeljko (Program Director, Principal Investigator), Medicine, MCW. "Project III: Modeling of Mitochondrial and Cellular Function in Anesthetic Cardioprotection", "PPG:  Mechanisms of Anesthetic Cardioprotection."  Sponsored by NIH/NIGMS (March 1, 2015–February 29, 2021).

Past Grants

  • Dash, Ranjan K. (Co-Principal Investigator); Przekwas, Andrzej (Principal Investigator). “Systems Biology Based Tools for Modeling Platelet Storage Lesion for Optimal Blood Transfusions.” Sponsored by CFD Research Corporation-US Army (DOD) SBIR Phase II Project (September 26, 2016January 25, 2019).
  • Dash, Ranjan K. (Co-Principal Investigator); Terhune, Scott (Principal Investigator). “Predictive Computational Modeling to Define Antiviral Efficacy.”  Sponsored by Research and Education Program (REP) of Advancing Healthier Wisconsin (AHW) Endowment (February 1, 2017January 31, 2019).
  • Dash, Ranjan K. (Principal Investigator); Camara, Amadou (Co-principal Investigator). “Cations and ROS in Modulating Mitochondrial Function in Normal and Ischemic Hearts.” RO1 Sponsored by the NIH/NHLBI (April 1, 2010March 31, 2015).
  • Dash, Ranjan K. (Co-Principal Investigator); Ozsoyoglu, Meral (Principal Investigator). “Database-Enabled Tools for Regulatory Metabolic Networks.” Sponsored by NSF Biological Database and Informatics (August 1, 2009July 31, 2012).
  • Dash, Ranjan K. (Principal Investigator). “Computational Modeling of Mitochondrial Energetics.” SDG Sponsored by AHA National Affiliate (July 1, 2007–June 30, 2011).

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