Student Design

Opus Engineering's Design Day '22

Opus Engineering's Seventh Annual Design Day was held this year on Tuesday, May 10th.  The event showcases a variety of undergraduate design activities occurring within the OCOE.  For further details on some of this year's projects, keep an eye out for the Senior Design Catalogue set to be released in summer of '22. 

The Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering at Marquette University and the Medical College of Wisconsin is dedicated to preparing students for successful careers. In addition to courses in engineering, mathematics, and the life sciences, students are required to complete several design challenges in their freshman year and a year-long, project-based capstone design course in their senior year. In these courses, students develop their teamwork skills, learn about the product development process used in industry, and are made aware of the unique requirements and constraints of medical device design. They consider legal and regulatory issues, use standards where applicable, conduct economic analyses, and learn about packaging, sterilization, and testing of medical devices. This capstone design experience provides students with the knowledge base and skill sets needed to be effective contributing members of a medical device company, clinical engineering department, or academic research laboratory.


Senior Design Catalogues

Check out student design projects in catalogues from previous years. 


Class of 2021

Cover of Senior Design Catalogue, class of 2021


Class of 2019

Cover of Senior Design Catalogue, Class of 2019


Class of 2017

Cover of Senior Design Catalogue, class of 2017

Class of 2020

Cover of Senior Design Catalogue, class of 2020


Class of 2018

Cover of Senior Design Catalogue, class of 2018


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