About Biomedical Engineering

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Biomedical engineering is an expanding field that is vital to the future of healthcare in today’s world.  Whether looking to expand affordable technologies, supporting the needs of an aging population, or translating the most recent basic science discoveries into usable, comprehensive solutions, biomedical engineering will be a relevant and necessary answer to many of humanity's most important questions. 


Career Opportunities

A degree in biomedical engineering will prepare you for engaging and meaningful work in a multitude of fields, including:

  • Further training in medicine, dentistry and other health professions
  • Software and hardware engineering
  • Medical device design and development
  • Research and development
  • Manufacturing
  • Equipment testing and field servicing
  • Preparation for law and clinical patent evaluation
  • Technical documentation
  • Biomedical equipment sales
  • Hospital equipment selection and support
  • Teaching
  • Management

Why Biomedical Engineering?

Upon earning your degree from the Marquette University and Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) Department of Biomedical Engineering, your options are virtually limitless. Like the majority of alumni from our undergraduate program, you may join one of the many regional or national biomedical device companies, such as GE Healthcare, Medtronic, Siemens, Baxter, DePuy, Epic and Stryker in an engineering or leadership position. Or like other graduates, you may pursue graduate work at renowned institutions like Duke University, Johns Hopkins University, Northwestern University, MIT or the Medical College of Wisconsin in medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, law, engineering, or other graduate pursuits. No matter which path you choose, you will find that your education has empowered you to succeed at the highest level.


Join Us!

If you are seeking the opportunity to advance your learning, problem-solving skills and research experience, the BME department will expose you to both engineering leaders and faculty who are working on solutions to modern medical challenges. Additionally, you will have opportunities to work with industry partners to gain first-hand medical design experience and a greater understanding of the R&D process from the corporate perspective.

Where will your biomedical engineering education take you?


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