Global Initiatives

The Marquette University and Medical College of Wisconsin Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering's focus is on nurturing the future leaders of biomedical engineering, scientists, and physicians. This mission extends beyond borders and includes addressing global challenges and building the capacity of multidisciplinary professionals worldwide. Through impactful training, research, and education, we aim to enhance population health for communities and patients at home and abroad. These global efforts, led by our distinguished faculty and complemented by various initiatives, play a vital role in advancing the research missions of Marquette University and MCW while simultaneously reinforcing our department's commitment to community engagement and education.


Headshot of Dr. Guilherme GarciaGuilherme Garcia, PhD, Assistant Professor, is collaborating with the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais in Brazil on a project aimed at quantifying the impact of functional endoscopic sinus surgery on the concentration of nitric oxide in the paranasal sinuses of patients with chronic rhinosinusitis.


Headshot of Dr. Adam GreenbergAdam Greenberg, PhD, Associate Professor, has received a grant from the US-Israel Binational Science Foundation to help explore object-based attention in humans in Milwaukee and Archerfish in Haifa, Israel, and they have produced several different manuscripts and trainee exchanges.


Headshot of Dr. Robert ScheidtRobert Scheidt, PhD, Professor, is doing community-based research that examines motor coordination and learning in real-world tasks in Italy.  Dr. Scheidt is investigating the utility and the usability of wearable technology to help upper extremity movements after a patient has experienced a stroke.  He also has developed a student exchange program with the University of Genoa.


Headshot of Dr. Karen KrugerKaren Kruger, PhD, Research Assistant Professor, is leading an international task force to develop measurements for reporting foot and ankle measurements using weightbearing computed tomography.  The goal is to set the standards and enable international clinical collaboration for this new technology, which doesn’t have a current standard.


Headshot of Dr. Gerald HarrisGerald Harris, PhD, Director, teaches a graduate course supported by the Marquette-MCW Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Engineering Center to prepare students for completing a one-week rotation in an outreach lab in Colombia, Taiwan, Mexico City, Mumbai and Manila that offers gait analysis to help children’s orthopaedic issues on a global scale.


Headshot of Dr. Ranjan DashRanjan Dash, PhD, Professor, is involved in several international collaborations on translational and basic sciences.  He is working with community anesthesiologists in Melbourne, Australia, on computational modeling of ventilation-perfusion inequality and second gas effects on gas exchange in the lungs.  Dr. Dash is jointly mentoring undergraduate and graduate students at Sastra University in India on metabolic dysfunction and cardiac ischemia-reperfusion injury and at Università di Cagliari in Italy on the modeling of cancer metabolism.  At the University of Auckland in New Zealand, Dr. Dash is investigating spatial modeling of liver metabolism and ischemia reperfusion injury.