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About the Marquette Student Leadership Awards

The Marquette Student Leadership Awards are granted annually by the Student Affairs office to students whose actions exemplify leadership principles aligned with being contemplative in action—that is, leadership expressed in service with and for others. Students are recognized for their contributions to Marquette and the greater community as Emerging Leaders and as Contemplative Leaders in Action. 

With that in the mind, we extend the warmest congratulations to all 2022 winners from the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering. Your efforts help make the world a better place, and we look forward to hearing more about your leadership at Marquette and all the places you impact thereafter!


Meet the Awardees

This year's Marquette Student Leadership awardees included several students from the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering. We caught up with some of these winners in the past week to ask them about their awards and what leadership means to them. 


Headshot of Jessica BrockmanJessica Brockman

Leadership to me is best described by the service leader model. Being a leader means serving others first before thinking about one's own personal gain. I was lucky enough to learn about this leadership through the ministry here at Marquette and in Marquette’s Wellness Center where servant leadership was always a number one priority. The programs I have participated in here at Marquette have truly reshaped my mindset on leadership into something that captures Marquette's Jesuit beliefs. Not only have I come to find that servant leadership is the most effective but also that it is the most rewarding. 


Headshot of Ally DollAlly Doll

I am honored to be recognized for my leadership on Marquette’s campus. For me, leadership is a form of helping others. Servant Leadership is the model of leadership that has been emphasized by Marquette Campus Ministry. This means putting the needs of the group above your own. I have been blessed to be able to share my faith and experiences through leadership in Marquette Campus ministry. This has given me the opportunity to build relationships with other amazing individuals. I hope to take my growth as a servant leader at Marquette and incorporate it into my future job as a biomedical engineer.  


Headshot of Brigid HughesBrigid Hughes

I am so grateful to have been awarded the Contemplatives in Action Leadership Award for the 2021-2022 academic year. Leadership in Midnight Run, MARDI GRAS, and other service oriented organizations has been an important aspect of my Marquette experience, and Marquette has encouraged me to be a better leader by listening intentionally to the needs of those around me and thinking critically about the role I play in the systems of injustice that exists in our city and in our world.


Proxy headshot for Claire MurphyClaire Murphy

The numerous leadership positions I have held at Marquette have taught me that leadership is beyond myself. To be a leader means to use one’s own gifts to set an example and help guide others to a desired goal. Strong leadership requires initiative, often requiring one to go outside one’s own comfort zone to explore new landscapes; agility, being flexible in navigating challenges that may arise; and being a role model of virtuous morals, all while thinking of others and how that individual can be helpful to them.

As a Marquette Biomedical Engineering student, I have learned to develop my leadership skills in numerous ways—from classroom experiences, industry experience, and extracurriculars. I am extremely thankful for Marquette and all the ways it has provided me with the network and resources that have enabled me to go out into different fields to discover my leadership potential. Each experience has been monumental in continuing to challenge me to try new things that have gradually pushed me to reach outside my boundaries and grow my skills in leading others.


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Want to learn more about Student Leadership Awards at Marquette?  Visit the Student Affairs office page for Student Leadership Awards for a full list of current past winners, as well as additional details on the selection process.