In keeping with the guiding principles of Marquette University, the department of Biomedical Engineering works closely with partners to engage the local community of Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin. Our outreach events are designed to be informitive about biomedical engineering, engadging for a wide audience, while maintaining a fun atmosphere and encouraging exploration and personal development.

If you think that your company might be interested in sponsoring an outreach project, or if your school might be interested in having our team visit and talk to your students, please contact Dr. Lars Olson.

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The links to the specific outreach projects can be found below.

DIY Electrocardiogram

An afterschool outreach event where students are given an arduino and all necessary equipment to build a functioning electrocardiogram (ECG). Includes a short lecture on heart physiology, a laboratory phase where students build the ECG, and activities to highlight the ECG in action.

Chicago STEM Outreach

The NeuroMotor Control Lab has partnered with a private grade school in Chicago’s Roger’s Park neighborhood to bring STEM (Science, Engineering, Engineering and Mathematics) and Discovery Learning techniques and resources to children in grades pre-K through 8.


Students Understanding Principles of Research Education through Medicine, Engineering, and Science

SUPREMES is an academic year program that provides selected high school students with exposure and experience to biomedical research and technology development in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Students will be introduced to new technologies, cutting-edge research, and exciting laboratory practices, guided and taught by highly skilled, established faculty investigators. This experience will provide students with the application component of biomedical science research to complement and support the theoretical information learned in the program. Furthermore, the student’s home academic institution may award academic credit or recognition after successful completion of the program in accordance with the institution’s policy and curriculum requirements.

Dr. Olson in lab

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