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About the Computational Systems Biology Laboratory

Led by Dr. Ranjan Dash, research in the Computational Systems Biology Laboratory uses signal- and system-engineering methodologies, in conjunction with experimental measurements, to develop multi-scale mechanistic computational models. These models will further the quantitative and integrated understanding of the biophysical and biochemical operations of a variety of biological/physiological systems and guide engineering-based manipulations of the same. CSBL research involves applications of efficient numerical methods and algorithms for model parameter optimization to experimental data—which can be large-scale, requiring parameter sensitivity analysis—a major task for calibrating the models and gaining mechanistic insights into the function of biological/physiological systems.

CSBL Research

Research at the Computational Systems Biology Laboratory employs an iterative approach to hypothesis testing and generation, where new and existing experimental data is modeled, modelled predictions are validated, and data analysis leads to the creation of new or improved models.

The computational systems biology research program at the CSBL combines computational modeling and experimental data at multiple levels of complexity to a gain mechanistic and quantitative understanding of the functioning of a variety of biological systems and disease processes. This work provides a theoretical basis for understanding regulatory and control mechanisms of complex biological systems such as phenotyping, target identification and drug response. Models unveil molecular mechanisms causing altered phenotypes to perturbations—such as gene modifications—and enable devising novel therapies and drugs to alleviate dysfunction. 

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Computer Models from the CSBL

The research endeavors of the Computational Systems Biology Lab involve the creation of computer models that seek to emulate the function of biological systems and disease processes at various levels of biological complexity.  In order to support the community of scientists, physicians, and biomedical engineers using computational models to advance research and healthcare knowledge that seeks to help us create a healthier world, the CSBL has made these models available for your review.   

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BME poses with award at APS, 2023 CSBL Postdoctoral Fellow Devanshi Dave presents, wins award at 2024 American Physiology Summit 

Apr 2024: Devanshi Dave, postdoctoral fellow from the CSBL, presents research, wins award at the 2024 American Physiology Summit.  Learn more about BME at APS