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Learn more about the investigators, students and alumni of the Computational Systems Biology Laboratory at the Marquette University and Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Biomedical Engineering. 

Principal Investigator


Headshot of Dr. Ranjan DashDr. Ranjan Dash

Dr. Dash, director and principal investigator of the Computational Systems Biology Laboratory, specializes in computational systems biology and bioengineering; molecular, cellular and cardiovascular physiology; cellular/mitochondrial energy metabolism and redox biology; cardiac energy metabolism and ischemia-reperfusion injury; and renal metabolism and salt-sensitive hypertension. 

Contributions to Science

Dr. Dash’s major research contributions over the past several years can be classified into the following specific areas:

  • Mathematical modeling and computer simulations of integrated physiological systems
  • Computational methods and algorithms for data analysis and parameter estimation
  • Microcirculatory oxygen and carbon dioxide transport and acid-base regulation
  • Physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modeling for drug transport and metabolism
  • Integrated blood-tissue solute transport and cellular/mitochondrial energy metabolism
  • Cardiac electrophysiology, calcium signaling, and excitation-contraction coupling
  • Mitochondrial calcium and reactive oxygen species homeostasis and oxidative stress
  • Modeling and analysis of large-scale biochemical networks, protein-protein interaction networks, and gene regulatory networks

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Dr. Said AudiDr. Said Audi

Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering, Marquette and MCW

Project:  Lung Tissue Bioenergetics


Dr. Allen CowleyDr. Allen Cowley

Department of Physiology, Medical College of Wisconsin

Project:  Renal Dysfunction and Salt-Sensitive Hypertension


Dr. Ben KormanDr. Ben Korman

Department of Anesthesiology, Royal Perth Hospital, Australia

Project:  Gas Exchange in the Lungs


Dr. Mingyu LiangDr. Mingyu Liang

Department of Physiology, University of Arizona, Tuscon

Project:  Renal Dysfunction and Salt-Sensitive Hypertension


Dr. Scott TerhuneDr. Scott Terhune

Department of Microbiology & Immunology, Medical College of Wisconsin

Project:  Human Cell-Cycle Dysregulation in Disease


Current Lab Members 


Headshot of Dr. Sri Rahavi BoovarahanDr. Sri Rahavi Boovarahan, Postdoctoral Fellow

Headshot of Dr. Devanshi DaveDr. Devanshi Dave, Postdoctoral Fellow

Headshot of Yisak Dereje AsefaYisak Dereje Asefa, Ph.D. Student

Headshot of Christopher MontiChristopher Monti, M.S.T.P./Ph.D. Student

Headshot of Viren ShahViren Shah, Ph.D. Student

Headshot of Mr. Justin WomackJustin Womack, Ph.D. Student



Dr. Namrata Tomar Postdoctoral Fellow Apr 2016–July 2022 
Dr. Xiao Zhang Postdoctoral Fellow Apr 2019–Sep 2021
Dr. Yongwoon Jung Postdoctoral Fellow Dec 2016–June 2019
Dr. Sunil Kandel Postdoctoral Fellow Sep 2017–Sep 2019
Dr. Neeraj Manhas Postdoctoral Fellow June 2015–June 2018
Dr. Venkat Pannala Postdoctoral Fellow July 2012–Apr 2016
Dr. Bhawana Agarwal Postdoctoral Fellow Mar 2009–Apr 2015
Dr. Shivendra Tewari Postdoctoral Fellow Feb 2012–Nov 2013
Dr. Jason Bazil Postdoctoral Fellow Sep 2010–Aug 2013
Dr. Ranjan Pradhan Postdoctoral Fellow Aug 2008–Aug 2013
Shima Sadri PhD Student Fall 2023Summer 2023
Grace Gibson UG Research Assistant, SPUR Program Summer 2021