Dr. Amit Joshi

Dr. Amit Joshi
Dr. Amit JoshiMarquette University

Medical College of Wisconsin

MilwaukeeWI53201United States of America
(414) 955-7588Google Scholar
Curriculum Vitae

Vice Chair for Research and Clinical Affairs

Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering

Associate Professor

Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering


Nanomedicine & Image-guided Interventions Laboratory

Professional Preparation

  • Ph.D., 2005, Chemical Engineering, Texas A & M University
  • B.E., 2000, Chemical Engineering, Punjab University

Research Interests

  • Molecular image-guided and remote-triggered therapies
  • Gold nanoparticles with tunable surface plasmons for imaging and photo-thermal ablation
  • Breast cancer imaging and therapy
  • Near-infrared optical imaging and tomography of lymphatics
  • Multimodal optical-MRI contrast agent development

Selected Recent Publications


Recent Grants

  • Amit, Joshi (Co-investigator); Medhora, Meetha (Principal Investigator). "Radiation-induced Modulation of TGF Beta Signaling: Part 2."  Sponsored by Innovation Pathways, HHSN272201800012C (April 2018–March 2023). 
  • Joshi, Amit (Co-investigator); Miao, Q. (Principal Investigator). "Roles of Nogo-B receptor in maintaining the structural integrity of blood vessels." Sponsored by the NIH, National Heart Lung and Blood Institute; NIH-1R01HL141733-01 (April 2018–March 2023).
  • Joshi, Amit (Co-investigator); Medhora, Meetha (Principal Investigator).  "Mechanism of radiation-induced vascular injury in normal tissue:  role of the Notch-D114 pathway."   Sponsored by NIH Allergy and Infectious Disease, NIH-1U01A1 133594-01 (December 2017–July 2022).
  • Joshi, Amit (Principal Investigator).  "Develop Novel Trans-tympanic Drug-delivery Formulas to Treat Otitis Media." Sponsored by NIH Allergy and Infectious Disease, NIH-R21AI 147607-01 (July 2019–June 2021).
  • Joshi, Amit (Principal Investigator). "Genetic Mapping of Breast Cancer Risk in the Tumor Microenvironment." Sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, NIH 5R01CA193343–05 (April 2015–March 2021).

Investigator working in the lab.

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