Dr. Brandon J. Tefft

Dr. Brandon Tefft
Dr. Brandon J. TefftMarquette University

Medical College of Wisconsin, Biomedical Engineering C-2805

MilwaukeeWI53201United States of America
(414) 955-2470
Curriculum Vitae

Assistant Professor

Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering


Cardiovascular Regenerative Engineering Laboratory (CaRE Lab)

Professional Preparation

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, 20112018, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Mayo Clinic
  • Ph.D., 2011, Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University 
  • M.S. 2008, Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University
  • B.S. 2005, General Engineering minor in Biomedical Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Research Interests

  • Cardiovascular regenerative engineering
  • Cardiovascular device design
  • Tissue engineered vascular grafts and heart valves
  • Biomedical nanotechnology

Selected Recent Publications

Tefft BJ, Choe JA, Young MD, Hennessy RS, Morse DW, Bouchard JA, Hedberg HJ, Consiglio JF, Dragomir-Daescu D, Simari RD, Lerman A (2018). “Cardiac valve bioreactor for physiological conditioning and hydrodynamic performance assessment,” Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology, in press. DOI: 10.1007/s13239-018-00382-2. 2018

Choe JA, Jana S, Tefft BJ, Hennessy RS, Go J, Morse D, Lerman A, Young MD (2018). “Biomaterial characterization of off-the-shelf decellularized porcine pericardial tissue for use in prosthetic valvular applications,” Journal of Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine, 12(7): 16081620. [PMID 29749108]. July 2018

Tefft BJ, Uthamaraj S, Harbuzariu A, Harburn JJ, Witt TA, Newman B, Psaltis PJ, Hlinomaz O, Holmes DR, Gulati R, Simari RD, Dragomir-Daescu D, Sandhu GS (2018). Nanoparticle mediated cell capture enables rapid endothelialization of a novel bare metal stent. Tissue Engineering Part A, doi: 10.1089/ten.TEA.2017.0404. [PMID: 29431053]. Feb. 2018

Hennessy RS, Go J, Hennessy RR, Tefft BJ, Jana S, Stoyles NJ, Al-Hijji M, Thaden J, Pislaru S, Simari RD, Stulak J, Young MD, Lerman A (2017). Recellularization of a Novel Off-the-Shelf Valve Following Xenogenic Implantation into the Right Ventricular Outflow Tract. PLoS One, 12(8): e0181614. [PMID: 28763463]. Aug. 2017

Helder MRK, Stoyles NJ, Tefft BJ, Hennessy RS, Hennessy RRC, Dyer R, Witt T, Simari RD, Lerman A (2017). Xenoantigenicity of porcine decellularized valves. Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery, 12(1): 56-64. [PMID: 28716099]. Jul. 2017


  • Career Development Award in Cardiovascular Disease Research Honoring Dr. Earl H. Wood, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN (May 2016–April 2018).
  • K99/R00 Award, National Institutes of Health (NHLBI), Bethesda, MD (April 2016–July 2021).

Investigator working in the lab.

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