Dr. Brian Stemper

Dr. Brian Stemper
Dr. Brian StemperMarquette University

Zablocki VA Medical Center Neuroscience Research Labs, Research 151, Room 70-D-210

MilwaukeeWI53201United States of America
(414) 384-2000, ext. 41525Google Scholar
Curriculum Vitae


Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering


MCW Department of Neurosurgery


Preclinical Traumatic Brain Injury (PC-TBI) & Rodent Behavioral Testing Laboratory


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Professional Preparation

  • Ph.D., 2004, Biomedical Engineering, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI 
  • B.S., 1998, Biomedical Engineering, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Milwaukee, WI

Courses Taught

BIEN 6440 Biomedical Engineering Analysis of Trauma—An engineering analysis of the physiological changes following impact to the head, spinal cord, and limbs, and electrical events and effects on tissues are treated




Research Interests

  • Biomechanics of traumatic brain injury
  • Biomechanics of spine injury
  • Basic biomechanics of the cervical and lumbar spine 
  • Automotive safety

Recent Publications

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Active Grants

  • Stemper, Brian (Principal Investigator); Yoganandan, Narayan (Co-Principal Investigator); Muftuler, L. Tugan (Co-Investigator); Baisden, Jamie (Co-Investigator); Hainsworth, Keri (Co-Investigator); Raff, Hershel (Co-Investigator); "Determination of the Etiology of Neck and Back Pain in High Performance Aircrew." Sponsored by the United States Air Force: Air Force Research Laboratory Wright Research Site (September 23, 2022–September 30, 2025).
  • Stemper, Brian (Co-Investigator); Wang, Yang (Principal Investigator); McCrea, Michael (Co-Principal Investigator, PD); Meier, Timothy (Co-Investigator); Nelson, Lindsay (Co-Investigator); Szabo, Aniko (Co-Investigator); “Effects of Head Impact Exposure During Contact Sport on Middle School and High School Athletes.” Sponsored by the National Institutes of Health Neurological Disorders and Stroke (April 1, 2019–March 31, 2023).
  • Stemper, Brian (Principal Investigator); Olsen, Chris (Co-Investigator); Budde, Matthew (Co-Investigator); McCrea, Michael (Co-Investigator); “Determination of factors that influence addiction-related outcomes following brain injury.”  Sponsored by the Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Research and Development (March 01, 2020–February 28, 2024).
  • Stemper, Brian (Site Principal Investigator); Yoganandan, Narayan (Co-Investigator); Pintar, Frank (Co-Investigator); “Incapacitation Prediction for Readiness in Expeditionary Domains: an Integrated Computational Tool (I-PREDICT).” Sponsored by Southwest Research Institute through a prime award from MTEC (March 1, 2018–July 31, 2023). 
  • Stemper, Brian (Co-Principal Investigator); McCrea, Michael (Co-Investigator); Harezlak, Jaroslaw (Contact Principal Investigator); “Influence of the College Football Athletes' Cumulative Head Impact Exposure (HIE) on the mTBI incidence and post-mTBI health outcomes.” Sponsored by Indiana University through a prime award from The National Institutes of Health, NINDS (March 01, 2022–February 28, 2026).
  • Stemper, Brian (Site Principal Investigator); Dietz, Anthony (Principal Investigator); “In-Ear Exposure Sensor with Integrated Noise Attenuation and Communications Capabilities Phase II.” Sponsored by Paxauris, LLC, through a prime award from US Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity (March 7, 2022–January 2, 2024). 
  • Stemper, Brian (Co-Principal Investigator); Yoganandan, Narayan (Principal Investigator); Baisden, Jamie (Co-Investigator); “Behind Armor Blunt Trauma Consortium: Injuries, Mechanisms, and Biomedical Injury Criteria.” Sponsored by MTEC (October 6 2021–October 25, 2024).  
  • Stemper, Brian (Co-Investigator); Muftuler, L Tugan (Principal Investigator); Budde, Matthew (Co-Investigator); “Investigating intervertebral disc endplate degeneration for non-specific low back pain.” Sponsored by Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Foundation (July 1, 2022–June 30, 2024).

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