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Research in the Biophotonics Laboratory at the Marquette University and Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Biomedical Engineering focuses on developing cost-effective optical solutions for use in cancer detection and treatment monitoring.  Recent innovations include the deep UV fluorescence microscope, the integrated fiber-optic probe for laser tumor ablation, and the Smartphone Microendoscope, a device that facilitates cost-effective and non-invasive detection and professional evaluation of cervical cancer for any organization with access to a smartphone. 


Current Projects


Breast tumor margin imagingDeep UV Scanning Microscopy for Breast-tumor-margin Imaging

The Biophotonics Laboratory is developing an intraoperative breast tumor margin imaging device with both large margin coverage and microscopic resolution that can accurately and efficiently evaluate an entire surgical specimen.  

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Image from Smartphone MicroendoscopeSmartphone Microendoscopy for Cervical Cancer Screening

The Biophotonics Laboratory is working to develop affordable cervical cancer screening technology for use in low- and middle- income countries (LMICs), where women may lack access to effective or affordable screening procedures.  

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Liver Tissue After Thermal AblationLaser Ablation of Liver Tumors with Real-time Monitoring

Monitoring tissue status during ablation is critical, and investigators at the Biophotonics Laboratory have developed an easy-to-operate, real-time integrated laser ablation (iLA) solution. 

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Side-firing fiber-optic probeNon-invasive Monitoring of Tumor Hypoxia Using FD-NIRS

In response to a growing demand for technologies that monitor tumor hypoxia, the Biophotonics Laboratory has developed a side-firing fiber-optic probe that quantifies tissue hemoglobin content and oxygenation level non-invasively.

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Diagram of ETT Monitoring Device under development in the Biophotonics LaboratoryReal-Time Monitoring of Endotracheal Tube Placement

Correct positioning of the ETT inside the trachea is critical, and Investigators at the Biophotonics Laboratory are developing novel technology to assist medical professionals in continuously monitoring their correct placement. 

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Access publications and presentations of Dr. Bing Yu, Principal Investigator of the Biophotonics Laboratory.