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Journal Publications from 2021–2023

Rayes RK, Mazorow RN, Mrotek LA, Scheidt RA (2023) Utility and Usability of Two Forms of Supplemental Vibrotactile Kinesthetic Feedback for Enhancing Movement Accuracy and Efficiency in Goal-Directed ReachingSensors, 23(12), 54–55. DOI 10.3390/s23125455

Shah VA, Thomas A, Mrotek LA, Casadio M, Scheidt RA (2023) Extended training improves the accuracy and efficiency of goal-directed reaching guided by supplemental kinesthetic vibrotactile feedback. Experimental Brain Research, 241(2), 479–493. DOI 10.1007/s00221-022-06533-1

Lantagne DD, Mrotek LA, Hoelzle JB, Thomas DG, Scheidt RA (2023) Contribution of Implicit Memory to Adaptation of Movement Extent During Reaching Against Unpredictable Spring-Like Loads: Insensitivity to Intentional Suppression of Kinematic Performance. bioRxiv. DOI 10.1101/2023.03.13.532441

Gonzalez Polanco P, Mrotek LA, Nielson KA, Beardsley SA, Scheidt RA (2023) When intercepting moving targets, mid-movement error corrections reflect distinct responses to visual and haptic perturbations. Experimental Brain Research, 241(1), 231–247. DOI 10.1007/s00221-022-06515-3.

Pomplun E, Thomas A, Corrigan E, Shah VA, Mrotek LA, Scheidt RA (2022) Vibrotactile Perception for Sensorimotor Augmentation: Perceptual Discrimination of Vibrotactile Stimuli Induced by Low-Cost Eccentric Rotating Mass Motors at Different Body Locations in Young, Middle-Aged, and Older Adults. Frontiers in Rehabilitation Sciences, 3. DOI 10.3389/fresc.2022.895036.

Suminski AJ, Doudlah RC, Scheidt RA (2022) Neural correlates of multisensory integration for feedback stabilization of the wrist. Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience, 16. DOI 10.3389/fnint.2022.815750.

Jayasinghe SAL, Scheidt RA, Sainburg RL (2022) Neural control of stopping and stabilizing the arm. Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience, 16. DOI 10.3389/fnint.2022.835852.

Hadjiosif AM, Kita K, Albert ST, Scheidt RA, Shadmehr R, Krakauer JW (2022) Independence and interaction between the control of moving and holding still in post-stroke arm paresis. bioRxiv. DOI 10.1101/2022.11.26.517884.

Kanade-Mehta P, Bengtson M, Stoeckmann T, McGuire J, Ghez C, Scheidt RA (2022) Spatial mapping of posture-dependent resistance to passive displacement of the hypertonic arm post-strokebioRxiv. DOI 10.1101/2022.11.13.516311.

Lantagne DD, Mrotek LA, Slick RA, Beardsley SA, Thomas DG, Scheidt RA (2021) Contributions of Implicit and Explicit Memories to Sensorimotor Adaptation of Movement Extent During Goal-Directed ReachingExp Brain Res 239, 2445–2459.  

Ballardini G, Krueger A, Giannoni P, Marinelli L, Casadio M, Scheidt RA (2021) Effect of short-term exposure to supplemental vibrotactile kinesthetic feedback on goal directed movements after stroke: a proof of concept case series. Sensors Sensors 21: 1519.

Jayasinghe SAL, Sarlegna F, Scheidt RA, Sainburg, RL (2021) Somatosensory deafferentation reveals lateralization of proprioception-based feedforward processes for controlling posture and movement. Current Opinion in Physiology, 19, 141–147.

Journal Publications from 2020 and Earlier

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Journal Publications from 2011–2020

Jayasinghe SAL, Sarlegna FR, Scheidt RA, Sainburg RL (2020) The neural foundations of handedness: insights from a rare case of deafferentation. Journal of Neurophysiology, 124(1), 259–267. DOI 10.1152/jn.00150.2020

Shah VA, Casadio M, Scheidt RA, Mrotek LA (2020) Vibration Propagation on the Skin of the Arm.  Applied Sciences. DOI:  10.3390/app9204329.

Iandolo R, Carè M, Shah V, Schiavi S, Bommarito G, Boffa G, Mrotek LA, Giannoni P, Inglese M, Scheidt RA, Casadio M (2019) A two-alternative forced choice method for assessing vibrotactile discrimination thresholds in the lower limb. In Press: Somatosensory and Motor Research.

Shah V, Casadio M, Scheidt RA, Mrotek LA (2019) Spatial and temporal influences on discrimination of vibrotactile stimuli on the arm. In Press, Exp Brain Res. First published as: BioRxiv 497552 [Preprint]. Dec 19, 2018.

Risi N, Shah V, Mrotek LA, Casadio M, Scheidt RA (2019) Supplemental vibrotactile feedback of real-time limb position enhances precision of goal-directed reaching. In Press: J. Neurophysiol. First published as: BioRxiv 327049 [Preprint]. May 22, 2018.

Ballardini G, Carlini G, Giannoni P, Scheidt RA, Nisky I, Casadio M (2018) Tactile-STAR: A novel tactile STimulator And Recorder system for evaluating and improving tactile perception. Frontiers in Neurorobotics. 12, 12.

Mrotek LA, Bengtson M, Stoeckmann T, Botzer L, Ghez CP, McGuire J, Scheidt RA (2017) The Arm Movement Detection (AMD) Test– a fast robotic test of proprioceptive acuity in the arm. J Neural Eng Rehab 14:64; DOI 10.1186/s12984-017-0269-3.

Krueger A, Giannoni P, Casadio M, Scheidt RA (2017) Optimizing vibrotactile feedback to enhance real-time control of the arm during reach and stabilization tasks. J Neural Eng Rehab 14:36; DOI 10.1186/s12984-017-0248-8.

Laczko J, Scheidt RA, Simo LS, Piovesan D. (2017) Inter-joint coordination deficits revealed in the decomposition of endpoint jerk during goal-directed arm movement after stroke. IEEE Trans. Neural Sys Rehab Eng. DOI: 10.1109/TNSRE.2017.2652393.

Tzorakoleftherakis E, Murphey TD, Scheidt RA (2016)  Augmenting sensorimotor control using “goal-aware” vibrotactile stimulation during reaching and manipulation behaviors. Experimental Brain Research, 234: 2403-2414.

Lee JY, Oh Y, Kim SS, Scheidt RA, Schweighofer N (2016) Optimal schedules in multi-task motor learning. In Press, Neural Computation, 28: 667-685.

Conrad MO, Gadhoke B, Scheidt RA, Schmit BD (2015) Effect of tendon vibration on hemiparetic arm stability in unstable workspaces. PLoS One.10(12): e0144377. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0144377

Heenan M, Scheidt RA, Woo D, Beardsley SA  (2014) Upper extremity motor dysfunction and impairments in sensorimotor control in Multiple Sclerosis - a pilot study. J NeuroEng Rehab. 11: 170, DOI: 10.1186/1743-0003-11-170.

Ranganathan R, Wieser J, Mosier K, Mussa-Ivaldi F, Scheidt RA (2014) Learning redundant motor tasks with and without overlapping dimensions: facilitation and interference effects. J Neurosci 34: 8289-8299.

Simo L, Botzer L, Ghez C, Scheidt RA (2014) A robotic test of proprioception within the hemiparetic arm post-stroke. J NeuroEng Rehab. 11:77. DOI: 10.1186/1743-0003-11-77.

Salowitz NMG, Dolan B, Remmel R, Van Hecke A, Mosier KM, Simo L, Scheidt RA (2014) Simultaneous robotic manipulation and functional magnetic resonance imaging: Feasibility in children with autism spectrum disorders. J Systemics, Cybernetics & Informatics 12: 67–73.

Carson A, Salowitz N, Scheidt RA, Van Hecke A (2014) EEG coherence in children with and without autism spectrum disorders: Decreased inter-hemispheric connectivity in autism. In press: Autism Research.

Judkins T, Scheidt RA. (2014) Visuo-proprioceptive interactions during adaptation of the human reach. J Neurophysiol 111: 868–887, doi:10.1152/jn.00314.2012

Patton J, Wei Y, Bajaj P, Scheidt RA. (2013) Visuomotor learning enhanced by augmenting instantaneous trajectory error feedback during reaching. PLoS ONE 8(1): e46466.doi:10.1371/journal .pone.0046466

Salowitz NMG, Eccarius P, Karst J, Meyer A, Schohl K, Stevens S, Vaughan Van Hecke A, Scheidt RA. (2012) Brief Report: Visuo-spatial guidance of movement during gesture imitation and mirror drawing in children with autism spectrum disorders. J Autism Develop Disord. DOI: 10.1007/s10803-012-1631-8.

Eccarius P, Bour R, Scheidt RA. (2012) Using a dataglove for the precise measurement of joint angles in sign language hand shapes. Sign Language & Linguistics, 15(1), 39–72.  

Scheidt RA, Zimbelman J, Salowitz N, Suminski A, Simo L, Houk J, Mosier KM. (2012) Remembering forward: Neural correlates of memory and prediction in human motor adaptation. NeuroImage 59: 582–600. DOI: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2011.07.072.  

Scheidt RA, Ghez C, Asnani S. (2011) Patterns of hypermetria and terminal co-contraction during point-to-point movements demonstrate independent action of trajectory and postural controllers. J Neurophysiol. 106(5), 2368–2382.

Conrad M, Scheidt RA, Schmit BD. (2011) Effects of wrist tendon vibration on arm tracking in people post-stroke. In press: J. Neurophysiol.

Liu X, Mosier KM, Mussa-Ivaldi FA, Casadio M, Scheidt RA. (2011) Reorganization of finger coordination patterns during adaptation to rotation and scaling of a newly-learned sensorimotor transformation. J Neurophysiol. 105:454–473.

Journal Publications from 2001–2010

Conrad M, Scheidt RA, Schmit BD. (2010) Effects of wrist tendon vibration on targeted upper arm movements in post-stroke hemiparesis. Neurorehab Neural Repair. DOI: 10.1177/1545968310378507.

Scheidt RA, Lillis KP, Emerson SJ. (2010) Visual, motor and attentional influences on proprioceptive discrimination between straight and curved hand paths in reaching. Exp. Brain Res. 204: 239–254.

Stoeckmann T, Sullivan K, Scheidt RA. (2009) Elastic, viscous, and mass load effects on post-stroke muscle recruitment and cocontraction during reaching: A pilot study. Phys Ther 89:1-14.

Liu X, Scheidt RA. (2008) Contributions of online visual feedback to the learning and generalization of novel finger coordination patterns. J. Neurophysiol 99:2546-2557.

Ghez C Scheidt RA, Heijink H (2007) Different learned coordinate frames for planning trajectories and final positions in reaching. J. Neurophysiol. 98: 3614-3626.

Scheidt RA, Ghez C (2007) Separate adaptive mechanisms for controlling trajectory and final position in reaching. J. Neurophysiol. 98: 3600–3613.

Suminski A, Zimbelman J, Scheidt RA (2007) Design and validation of an MR-compatible pneumatic manipulandum. J. Neurosci Meth.163: 255-266.

Scheidt RA, Stoeckmann T (2007) Reach adaptation and final position control amid environmental uncertainty following stroke. J. Neurophysiol. 97: 2824-2836.

Suminski A, Rao SM, Mosier KM, Scheidt RA (2007) Neural and electromyographic correlates of wrist posture regulation. J. Neurophysiol 97: 1527-1545.

Mosier KM, Scheidt RA, Acosta S, Mussa-Ivaldi FA (2005) Remapping hand movements in a novel geometrical environment. J Neurophysiol. 94: 4362–4372.

Scheidt RA, Conditt M, Secco EL, Mussa-Ivaldi FA (2005) Interaction of visual and proprioceptive feedback during adaptation of human reaching movements J Neurophysiol 93: 3200-13.

Benz EN, Hornby TG, Bode RK, Scheidt RA, Schmit BD. (2005) A Physiologically Based Clinical Measure for Spasticity in Spinal Cord Injury. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 86: 52-9.

Kuiken TA, Amir H, Scheidt RA. (2004) Computerized biofeedback knee goniometer: Acceptance and effect on exercise behavior in post TKA rehabilitation. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 85: 1026-30.

Scheidt RA, Dingwell JB, Mussa-Ivaldi FA. (2001) Learning to Move Amid Uncertainty. J Neurophysiol 86, 971-985.

Takahashi CD, Scheidt RA, Reinkensmeyer DJ (2001) Impedance control and internal model formation when reaching in a randomly varying dynamical environment. J Neurophysiol 86, 1047-51

Journal Publications from 2000 & Earlier

Scheidt RA, Conditt MA, Reinkensmeyer DJ, Mussa-Ivaldi FA (2000) Persistence of motor adaptation during constrained, multi-joint, arm movements. J Neurophysiology, 84, 853-862.

Scheidt RA, Rymer WZ. (2000) Control strategies for the transition from multijoint to single-joint arm movements studied using a simple mechanical constraint. J Neurophysiology, 83, 1-12.

Scheidt RA, Kertesz AE. (1993) Temporal and spatial aspects of sensory interactions during human fusional response. Vision Research, 33, 1259-1270.


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