Within Movement Error Correction Processes

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Daily activities require complex control of many parts of the body (eyes, arms, hands, etc). Often errors are made during the production of these skills, and we quickly detect and correct errors and successfully meet our goals. Amazingly, we make these corrections often without conscious knowledge of the errors. We are studying the methods of correcting errors (timing & strategy) and neural processing needed to make this possible. 


Related Experiments 


Error correction after speed and load perturbations

This experiment is being used to understand the behaviors used by healthy adult participants to successfully correct errors during the performance of a complex task. We are also using these behavioral results with neural imaging techniques to elucidate the neural processing mechanisms to enable online error correction.


Key Publications 


Gonzalez Polanco, Pablo (2021). “Mid-movement error corrections after visual and haptic perturbation reflect latency and performance differences.” Master’s Thesis, Biomedical Engineering, Marquette University.


Future Investigations 


The NMCL will examine the relationship between correcting errors during a motor skill and changing the cognitive expectations and demands during the task.


Noteworthy Equipment

  • Strength and Coordination Robot
  • EyeLink Eye Tracker
  • Electroencephalography (EEG)




Headshot of Dr. Robert ScheidtRobert Scheidt, Ph.D.

Kim Bassindale, PT, DPTKim Bassindale, PT, DPT

Headshot of Dr. NielsonKristy Nielson, Ph.D.

Headshot of Dr. Scott BeardsleyScott Beardsley, Ph.D.


Research Support


This research is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health NINDS R21NS121624 grant, "Neural mechanisms of error correction during manual interception of moving targets. 



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