BIMA Facilities

Located in the William Wehr Physics Building of Marquette University's Milwaukee campus, the Biomaterials & Histology Laboratory facilities include laboratories, offices, and a darkroom.  The laboratory is fully equipped for high-resolution radiography, grossing, preparation of bone and implant samples for decalcified and undecalcified histology, microtomes and diamond saw sectioning, staining, cover slipping, evaluation by polarized and transmitted light microscopy, and quantitative histomorphometry.  In addition, the OREC Biomaterials & Histology Laboratory has access to additional assets for biomechanical testing through its collaboration with the OREC Biomechanics Laboratory. 


Featured Capabilities

Faxitron (Model 43805, Hewlett Packard, McMinnville, OR) high-resolution radiography unit and high-resolution film (EKTASCAN B/RA Film 4153, Kodak, Rochester, NY) to produce high-resolution radiographs

Leica ASP300S tissue processor

Leica EG1160 Paraffin Embedding Center

Microtomes: Olympus CUT 4055 & 4060 retracting microtome, et cetera

Microscopes:  Zeiss Universal Microscope, Bausch and Lomb Microscopes

Precision Cutters:  High-speed Buehler Isomet 1000 Precision Cutter; Buehler Isomet low-speed Precision Cutters (x4)

Image Analysis Computer Workstation:   Image Pro Premier 9.3 and Leica DFC295 digital camera for digital microscopy, image acquisition, and measurement

Fume hoods for grossing and histologic preparation