BIMA Research

Major research themes at OREC's Biomaterials & Histology Laboratory include the evaluation of bone void fillers and bone graft substitutes, mechanisms and clinical applications of osteoinductive materials, and evaluation of materials for orthopaedic and spine devices.  Learn more below. 


Research Themes


Bone graft biomaterialBiomaterials for Bone Graft Substitutes

BIMA investigates the use of calcium phosphates, bone void fillers, and other synthetic bone graft substitutes to avoid many of the problems associated with natural bone grafts.

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Bone graft substituteBone Tissue Engineering

BIMA is actively researching the use of bone graft substitutes and synthetic biomaterials as delivery vehicles for osteoinductive bone morphogenetic proteins.

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H&E stain of bone biomaterialExplant Analysis of Spine Devices & Biomaterials

With the current controversies in large joint arthroplasty, the Biomaterials and Histology Laboratory at the MU-MCW Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Engineering Center is performing retrieval analysis of explanted spine devices.

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Ceramic bone graft materialTesting Orthopaedic & Spine Biomaterials

The BIMA is actively involved in the testing and evaluation of orthopaedic and spine biomaterials in validated spine models.

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