Testing and Evaluation of Orthopaedic and Spine Biomaterials

Diametral Tensile Strength Test (DTS) test of a porous calcium phosphate cylindrical sample with ruler for scaleThe OREC Biomaterials and Histology Laboratory is actively involved in the testing and evaluation of orthopaedic and spine biomaterials in validated spine models.5  In addition to work on ceramic and metallic biomaterials for spine medical devices, BIMA has been involved in the evaluation of radiolucent spine fusion devices.  BIMA has evaluated polylactides as resorbable spine devices.3,4,6  In addition, BIMA has published on the use of polyetheretherketone (PEEK) as a radiolucent non-absorbable spinal biomaterial.2  PEEK has well-established mechanical and good-wear characteristics, as well as excellent biocompatibility in both bulk and particulate form.1


Image: Diametral Tensile Strength Test (DTS) test of a porous calcium phosphate cylindrical sample

Selected Publications

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