Nanotechnology for Magnetic Endothelialization of Implantable Cardiovascular Devices

For this project, the Cardiovascular Regenerative Engineering Laboratory is synthesizing magnetic nanoparticles for use in labeling autologous cells, a process based on the concept of using magnetic cell targeting to improve endothelial cell performance.  When this is complete, CaRE will work to fabricate the next generation of magnetic vascular grafts for implantation in the animal model. These grafts are expected to bridge the existing knowledge gap in the field of regenerative medicine by providing an alternative therapeutic strategy for patients with coronary artery disease while yielding better clinical outcomes.

In addition to the above, the synthesized magnetic nanoparticles will be used to fabricate biosynthetic magnetic heart valves—a necessary step in addressing the challenges associated with current prosthetic valves, including design limitations, thrombosis, dual antiplatelet therapy, and calcification— and testing the hydrodynamic performance of the engineered cardiac valves using the Heart Valve Assessment Platform and in vivo model. Along with other major technological advancements, these functional heart valves are expected to improve the efficacy of valve replacement procedures in the future.


vascular graft made from polyurethane nanofibers and magnetic microparticles attracting to a rare earth magnet.

Fig:  Vascular graft made from polyurethane nanofibers and magnetic microparticles attracting to a rare earth magnet.


Project Lead


Headshot of Hailey JohnsonHailey Johnson

Hailey is an undergraduate student in the Marquette-MCW Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering. Her interests include prosthetics and implantable devices.


Related Publications


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