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The Cardiovascular Regenerative Engineering Laboratory extends is deepest appreciation to past members of its research team and wishes each well on their continued adventures in industry, academia and research.

Postdoctoral Alumni


Dr. ShradhanjaliDr. Akankshya Shradhanjali

Project: Nanotechnology for Magnetic Endothelialization of Implantable Cardiovascular Devices, 2022

Staff Alumni

Hilda Martinez Ramirez Research Technologist

Student Alumni

Jake Beery Undergraduate Researcher
Joey Cherny High School Researcher
Toby Frost Undergraduate Researcher
Wei Hei Graduate Researcher
Jake Horder Undergraduate Researcher
Harsimran Kalsi Undergraduate Researcher
Paul Kashishian High School Researcher
Matthew Kunze Undergraduate Researcher
Pedro Lopez Undergraduate Researcher
Nathan Luzum Medical School Researcher
Jayne Wolfe Graduate Researcher



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