Faculty & Staff

The faculty & staff at the Cardiovascular Regenerative Engineering Laboratory are dedicated to cardiovascular tissue and device design and regenerative engineering in an educational setting.  Learn more about this innovative team below.   


Lab Director


Headshot of Dr. TefftDr. Brandon J. Tefft, Ph.D. 

Interests:  Cardiovascular regenerative engineering, cardiovascular device design, tissue-engineered vascular grafts, tissue-engineered heart valves, biomedical nanotechnology

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Postdoctoral Research Fellow 


Headshot of Dr. ShradhanjaliDr. Akankshya Shradhanjali, Ph.D.

Interests:  Cardiovascular tissue engineering and device design, vascular grafts, heart valves, biomedical nanotechnology

About:  Dr. Shradhanjali received her Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from the University of Nebraska—Lincoln in 2018.  Her dissertation focused on differentiating beating myocardial tissues from pluripotent cells, developing cardiac patches and characterizing the cardiomyocyte contraction with spatio-temporal parameters.  Dr. Shradhanjali also studied the metastasis of breast cancer cells to bones in an in vitro model system.  

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Research Technologist


Headshot of Ms. RamirezHilda Martinez Ramirez

Interests:  Cardiovascular disease, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine

About:  As a research technologist, Ms. Martinez Ramirez assists with laboratory tasks that pertain to research efforts in the lab and participates in implantation procedures for Dr. Shradhanjali's vascular graft project.  

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