Motion Analysis Alumni

The alumni of the Motion Analysis Laboratories at Marquette University and the Medical College of Wisconsin Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Engineering Center have gone on to exciting careers in medicine, academia and industry.  Learn more below.  

Juliet Amene, M.D.

HHS/NIDILRR ARRT Fellowship—completed 2018

Research Focus:  Foot Types in Children with Planovalgus Deformity  

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Eileen Baker, M.S.

Master's Student—completed 2019

Master's Thesis:  Design and Evaluation of a Novel Ankle Joint for an Ankle Foot Orthosis for Individuals with Drop-Foot

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Christopher Constantino, M.D.

HHS/NIDILRR ARRT Fellowship—completed 2019

Research Focus: Human Motion Analysis, Segmental Foot Motion and Mobility of Children with Osteogenesis Imperfecta  

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Christina Garman, Ph.D.

HHS/NIDILRR ARRT Fellowship—completed 2017 

Research Focus:  Gait and Musculoskeletal Modeling in Children with Osteogenesis Imperfecta

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Karen Kruger, Ph.D.

HHS/NIDILRR ARRT Fellowship—completed 2018

Research Focus:  Foot and Ankle Segmental Motion Analysis / Biplanar Fluoroscopy

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Nikhil Kurapati, M.D.

HHS/NIDILRR ARRT Fellowship—completed 2017 

Research Focus:  Assessment of Mobility in Children with Scoliosis 


Fadumo Mohamud

Master's Student—completed 2017

Research Focus:  The Correlation of Plantar Pressure and Joint Kinematics While Running


Jacob Rammer, Ph.D.

Doctoral Student—completed 2017

Ph.D. Dissertation: Pediatric Orthopaedic Biomechanics of Wheelchair Mobility 

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Alyssa Schnorenberg, Ph.D.

Doctoral Student—completed 2022

Ph.D. Dissertation: Evaluation of Shoulder Complex Kinematics Pre and Post Rotator Cuff Repair and Effects of Altering Rotation Sequence

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Jacqueline Simon, Ph.D.

HHS/NIDILRR ARRT Fellowship—completed 2021

Research Focus:  Musculoskeletal Modeling/Human Motion Analysis 

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