Motion Analysis Resources

Center for Motion Analysis | Motion Analysis Laboratories at Olin

The resources of OREC's Motion Analysis Laboratories include facilities at the Center for Motion Analysis, located at the MCW Greenway Medical Center and the Motion Analysis Laboratory located in the Olin Engineering Building on the Marquette University Campus. 


Center for Motion Analysis

The Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Center for Motion Analysis (CMA) is a research and clinical laboratory located in the Greenway Medical Complex in Greenfield, Wisconsin. The facility provides a 2,325 ft2 area that includes an examination/preparation area, offices and storage. A thirty-foot walkway is included in the test area for motion analysis data collection. A 1,071 ft2 area is located adjacent to the testing area for support personnel and includes an examination room, equipment storage room with test bench, two offices and a working community area. Available equipment includes a plantar pressure treadmill, treadmill with incline/decline, 12 Vicon MX T40-S cameras for motion capture, Novel eMed pressure mat embedded in the lab floor, 16-channel Delsys Trigno™ wireless EMG system, two 6-DOF AMTI force plates and two Bertec 6-DOF force plates. Available software includes Vicon Nexus, Vicon Polygon, EMG Works, Microsoft Office, MATLAB, and MAPS (custom-designed software for motion analysis processing and reporting).


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Motion Analysis Laboratories at Olin

OREC's Motion Analysis Laboratory at Olin is located on the third floor of the Olin Engineering building on the Marquette University campus.  The facility provides an 800-square-foot area that includes a 20-foot walkway and two motion analysis systems.  The laboratory supports a ten-camera Qualisys system, an 18-camera OptiTrack system, a 6-DOF AMTI ground reaction force plate and an eight-channel Trigno™ EMG system.  Workstations in the laboratory support image reconstruction for biplanar fluoroscopy, as well as several student workspaces.  Available software includes AMASS, Image 2D, Visual 3D, custom Qualisys MoCap software, EMG Works, Microsoft Office, MATLAB and MAPS (open source software for motion analysis data capture, management and reporting). The OREC Motion Analysis Laboratory collaborates with OREC's Biomaterials and Histology Laboratory and OREC's Orthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratory for biomechanical testing. In addition, the MAL supports OREC outreach laboratories in Cali, Colombia; Manila, Philippines; Mexico City, Mexico; and Mumbai, India.