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OREC's Motion Analysis Laboratories are dedicated to serving the local and global community through outreach programs designed to provide educational opportunities to orthopaedic and rehabilitation engineering students at Marquette University and the Medical College of Wisconsin.


Global Mobility

Global Mobility is a global outreach program that coordinates significant service outreach activities in human motion analysis with sister laboratories around the world. Led by Director of the Marquette-Medical College of Wisconsin Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Engineering Center, Dr. Gerald Harris, the MAL's Global Mobility program is actively working with affiliative laboratories in Columbia, Mexico, the Philipines and India, with new laboratories under development in Milwaukee and Taiwan. 

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Go Baby Go! Milwaukee

Go Baby Go! Milwaukee is a partnership between engineers from OREC's Motion Analysis Laboratories and healthcare specialists from Children's Wisconsin that customizes ride-on cars for use by children with limited mobility.  Since its founding in 2016, Go Baby Go! Milwaukee has donated over 200 customized cars to families in the Greater Milwaukee area.

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Get Involved! 

Students interested in working with Global Mobility in one of it's motion analysis labs can inquire about pre-requisite coursework and additional qualifications through the Marquette Office of International Education. 

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Go Baby Go! Milwaukee works with Graduate and Undergraduate volunteers from Marquette University.  PT/OT students interested in working with the Go Baby Go, Milwaukee program may contact Anne Pleva and Ann Millard, respectively. Undergraduate students are invited to reach out to the Marquette Student Chapter of BMES.  Individuals seeking to further their education are welcomed to explore the Marquette-MCW Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering. 

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