Respiratory Drug Delivery

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model of the human upper airway,  including a dry powder inhaler used to treat asthma.The Airway Lab investigates respiratory drug delivery to quantify the regional doses of aerosol medications delivered to different parts of the respiratory tract. Examples of aerosol medications include nasal sprays for chronic rhinosinusitis and dry powder inhalers for asthma. The dosimetry of inhaled particles and gases in the human respiratory tract also has applications in toxicology. For example, inhaled nanoparticles that deposit in the olfactory cleft of the nasal cavity are known to migrate to the brain through the olfactory bulb where they can cause neurotoxicity. This route of exposure has been proposed as a mechanism behind the correlation between air pollution and human neurodegenerative diseases. 

Figure:  Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model of the human upper airway, including a dry powder inhaler used to treat asthma.

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