Airway Lab Academics

BIEN 4400/5400 Transport Phenomena

Dr. Guilherme Garcia, director and principal investigator of the Airway Biomechanics Laboratory, is a frequent instructor of the undergraduate/graduate course BIEN4400/5400 Transport Phenomena, an introduction to Fluid Mechanics and its applications in biomedical engineering. In this course, students are exposed to key concepts in fluid mechanics, such as conservation of mass, momentum, and energy in fluids, the Reynolds number, laminar vs. turbulent flows, the Bernoulli equation, and the Navier-Stokes equations. These key concepts are applied to physiological phenomena with an emphasis on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

BIEN 4410/5410 Applied Finite Element Analysis

Dr. Guilherme Garcia and Dr. Jessica Fritz, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at MCW and Research Assistant Professor at the Center for Motion Analysis at MCW, co-teach the undergraduate/graduate course BIEN4410/5410 Applied Finite Element Analysis, an introduction to Computational Solid Mechanics and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and its applications in Biomedical Engineering. In this course, students learn about the finite volume method, verification and validation of CFD simulations, and complete tutorials on how to perform CFD simulations in ANSYS software.

BIEN 4720/5720 Cardiopulmonary Mechanics

Dr. Guilherme Garcia is also an instructor for the undergraduate/graduate course BIEN 4720/5720 Cardiopulmonary Mechanics. In this course, students learn about cardiovascular and respiratory physiology from an engineering perspective. The emphasis is on understanding the mechanical basis of physiologic phenomena via mathematical models. Topics include the mechanics of inhaled pharmaceutical aerosols, the biomechanics of airway collapse in obstructive sleep apnea, and an introduction to hemodynamics.


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