Dr. Gurariy awarded MCW's Postdoc Paper of the Year Award

August 22,2023


Dr. Gennadiy Gurariy, postdoctoral researcher in the Marquette-MCW Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering, has been awarded the MCW Postdoc Paper of the Year Award, Fall 2022. This award has been conferred to Dr. Gurariy by the Office of Postdoctoral Education for his recent publication in Cerebral Cortex titled, "Neuroimaging evidence for the direct role of auditory scene analysis in object perception." This paper explores the neural mechanisms mediating auditory scene analysis and auditory object perception. It illustrates how subtle nuances in sound, such as volume and timbre, contribute to information processing and auditory understanding of our surroundings.  

Dr. Gurariy’s postdoctoral research appointment is hosted by Dr. Adam Greenberg, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering and director of the Sensory Neuroscience, Attention, and Perception Laboratory, also known as the SNAP Lab. The SNAP Lab employs psychophysical and neuroimaging methodologies to investigate the neural foundations of attention and perception across visual, auditory, and olfactory domains. The lab’s primary goal is to gain insights into how perception shapes human behavior.  

The MCW Postdoc Paper of the Year Award was founded in 2020 by MCW’s Office of Postdoctoral Education in its continued efforts to recognize the outstanding work of Postdoctoral Researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin. The award is conferred in both Spring and Fall of each year, and papers under consideration are evaluated based on the relevance of the discovery to the field, the active participation of the postdoctoral researcher in the publication process, and the quality of the manuscript.  


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