MU-MCW Biomedical Engineering students present research, win awards at Marquette's Graduate Student Week

Gerringer presents trauma biomechanics research at MU's 3MT CompetitionEvery year, the Graduate School at Marquette University hosts a week-long celebration of the contributions graduate students make to the advancement of knowledge and the Greater Marquette Community. Included in this week-long celebration is a roster of events designed to promote student wellness and showcase achievement, with the Graduate Student Poster Session and Three-Minute Thesis Competition proving favorite events among faculty, staff and students alike. This year, graduate students from the Joint Department took home several prizes, with Jesse Gerringer placing in the top 10 for the three-minute thesis competition and Dayeong An taking second place in the research poster competition in the doctoral category. 

Jesse Gerringer is currently pursuing his PhD in Biomedical Engineering under the direction of Dr. Frank Pintar.  Gerringer’s presentation discussed his recent investigations into the veracity of a head-neck finite element model with respect to ligament elongation during non-injurious frontal impacts.  For this research, the kinematic response of the neck elongation of human volunteers was tested during frontal impact for both active and passive muscle states, and the results were validated against the experimental model.  The results will be used to further tune the existing experimental model, making it of more use in the identification and eventual prevention of head and neck injuries on frontal impact in a wide range of possible environments.

Research Poster - Myocardial Strain Generation from ce MR Images by Deep Learning

Dayeong An presented on her recent work developing a deep neural network algorithm for extracting regional cardiac function parameters from cine images documenting myocardial strain.  More on her research can be found in her award-winning poster. 

Click here to view the poster at scale. 


The Joint Department extends its deepest congratulations to the awards granted Jesse Gerringer and Dayeong An for their ongoing research, their outstanding presentations, and their continued contributions to the Joint Department community at Marquette and the Medical College of Wisconsin.

For more information on Marquette's Graduate Student Week, Graduate Poster Session and Three-Minute Thesis Competition, visit the Grad Week information page