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Every Semester, the Marquette University and Medical College of Wisconsin Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering brings together biomedical engineers from across the United States for a series of speaking engagements describing ongoing research and novel contributions to this dynamic and engaging field.  

Fall '22 Graduate Seminar Series


Emerging Technologies in Biomedical Imaging 

Taking advantage of the array of known methodologies and capitalizing on the work of parallel disciplines, emerging technologies in biomedical imaging create opportunities in nanotechnology, tissue engineering, computational modeling, neural engineering, and more.  In Fall 2022, join the Marquette University and Medical College of Wisconsin Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering as we explore advancements in the field through a series of seminars highlighting ongoing research and novel contributions by some of the country’s leading biomedical imaging engineers.   


Fall '22 Speakers

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Alex Walsh, Ph.D.  September 30, 2022

Dr. Alexandra Walsh is an Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University.  Her research interests include biophotonics, image analysis, and laser-tissue interactions. 

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Abstract: Label-free Quantitative Imaging of Cellular Metabolism via Fluorescence Microscopy 

Cellular metabolism, the process by which cells generate energy, is dysregulated in many diseases and pathologies including cancer, neurodegeneration, and diabetes. Current biochemical assays for metabolism are limited to either cell-destructive protocols, such as mRNA analysis, and/or measure readouts from collective cell populations, such as oxygen consumption assays.  Yet single-cell measurements of metabolism are important since cellular heterogeneity is known to drive disease progression, cancer metastasis, and resistance to therapies.  Fluorescence lifetime imaging of the metabolic coenzymes, reduced nicotinamide adenine (phosphate) dinucleotide (NAD(P)H) and oxidized flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD), provides a label-free method to interrogate cellular metabolism. Both coenzymes, NAD(P)H and FAD, exist in either a free or protein-bound configuration, each of which has a distinct fluorescence lifetime.  Single-cell segmentation and analysis of fluorescence lifetime images allows metabolic measurements at the cellular level.  To facilitate cell-level analysis of fluorescence images, we are developing automated segmentation algorithms.  Additionally, we are creating and testing models for predicting metabolic phenotypes from fluorescence lifetime metrics.  Our applications of single-cell metabolic phenotyping include evaluating temporal responses of cancer cells to chemotherapy and characterizing macrophage phenotypes.


Justin Grobe, Ph.D.  October 7, 2022

Dr. Justin Grobe moved to the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Department of Physiology in June 2019. He holds a secondary appointment in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, and serves as the founding director of the Comprehensive Rodent Metabolic Phenotyping Core facility. Before joining the faculty at MCW, Dr. Grobe was a tenured associate professor in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Iowa.

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Agrahara Bharatkumar, M.D.  October 14, 2022

Dr. Agrahara Bharatkumar is an associate professor of diagnostic radiology at the Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin. 

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Peter LaViolette, Ph.D.  October 28, 2022

Dr. LaViolette is an Associate Professor in the Department of Radiology at the Medical College of Wisconsin. His research focuses on creating and validating imaging techniques that improve patient outcome and treatment efficacy. 

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Kevin Dibbern, Ph.D.  November 4, 2022

Dr. Kevin Dibbern is a postdoctoral fellow within Marquette and Medical College of Wisconsin Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Engineering Center (OREC) Labs. He has done previous work with foot and ankle weightbearing CT imaging, and is a recent doctoral graduate of the University of Iowa.

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Brian Hoffman, Ph.D.  November 18, 2022

Dr. Brian Hoffman is a Mass Spectrometry Scientist at Jackson Laboratories and former faculty of the Marquette-Medical College of Wisconsin Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering. 


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Daniel Sem, J.D., Ph.D.  December 2, 2022

Dr. Daniel Sem is Vice Provost of Research and Innovation at Concordia University who has terminal degrees in intellectual property law and biochemistry. He has special interest in pharmeceutical design and biochemistry.


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Derek Kamper, Ph.D.  December 9, 2022

Dr. Derek Kamper is an associate professor of Biomedical Engineering within the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering at NC State and the University of North Carolina. His research focuses on  improvement of upper extremity function, especially for the hand, in cases of injury or disease. 

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For your convenience, the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering provides a complete seminar archive, dating back to 2016, when the Joint Department was formed between Marquette University and the Medical College of Wisconsin.  


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