Seminar Series

Marquette University and the Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Biomedical Engineering host the following graduate seminars. Unless otherwise posted, all seminars will be from noon to 1 p.m. The location of the seminar alternates between locations and is open to anyone interested in attending. Most seminars will be live streamed online and recorded.

This page will be updated weekly so check back to get the seminar announcements, links to the live stream, and links to the recorded seminars.


Date Location Speaker/Topic Livestream / Recording
January 25th MU, Olin 202 Brandon Tefft, PhD  
February 8th MCW, HRC room H1210/H1230 Matthew Budde, PhD  
February 22nd MU, Olin 202 Carolyn Hampton, PhD  
March 8th HRC room H1210/H1230 Bo Wang, PhD  
March 22nd CANCELLED    
April 12th MU, Olin 202 Zachary Danziger, PhD  
April 26th CANCELLED    




FALL 2018

Date Location Speaker/Topic Livestream / Recording
Aug. 31 MU Olin 202 Graduate Student Orientation  
Sept. 7    


Sept. 14 UWM EMS E237 .Ben Schultz, PhD TBD
Sept. 21 MU Olin 202 Dong Hye Ye, PhD Not Available
Sept. 28 N/A No Seminar  
Oct. 5 UWM EMS E237 Jinsung Wang, PhD TBD
Oct. 12 MCW Jordan Williams, PhD Not Available
Oct. 19 N/A No Seminar  
Oct. 26 MU Olin 202 Yen-Sheng Lin, PhD Not Available
Nov. 2 MU Olin 202 Jeffrey Somers TBD
Nov. 9 N/A No Seminar  
Nov. 16 UWM, EMS 237 Zeyun Yu, PhD TBD
Nov. 23 N/A No Semianr - Thanksgiving Break TBD
Nov. 30 MU Olin 202 Robert D. Steiner, PhD TBD
Dec. 7 N/A No Seminar  
Dec. 14 N/A No Seminar - Finals  




Date Location Speaker/Topic Livestream / Recording
January 19 MCW Trung Boa Le, Ph.D


January 26 MU - Olin Engineering 202 Hongfeng Ma, Ph.D. N/A
February 2 UWM Sandeep Gopalkrishnan, Ph.D. TBD
February 9 MCW - HRC Auditorium CANCELLED N/A
February 16 MU - Olin Engineering 202 Yagna Pathak, Ph.D. TBD
February 23 UWM Jenny Zhang, Ph.D. Link
March 2 MCW - Kerrigan Auditorium Dexuan Xie, Ph.D. TBD
March 9 MU - Olin Engineering 202 Hao F. Zhang, Ph.D. TBD
March 16 UWM Marcia Silva, Ph.D. TBD
March 23 MCW - Discovery Classroom Stacy O'Connor, M.D. TBD
March 30 MCW - HRC Room H1210/H1230 Michael Kleinberger, Ph.D. TBD
April 6 UWM Kevin R. Rarick, Ph.D. TBD
April 13 MU - Olin Engineering 202 Thomas Grist, Ph.D. Link
April 20 MCW - MEB, Room M3860 Jerome Dempsy, Ph.D. TBD

Fall 2017

Date Location Speaker/Topic Livestream / Recording
September 8 UWM - EMS E237 William D. Gregory, Ph.D.


September 15 MU - Olin Engineering 202 Lobat Tayebi, Ph.D. N/A
September 22 MCW- Kerrigan Auditorium Wolfgang Bangerth, Ph.D. LInk
September 29 UWM - EMS E295 Rohit Kate, Ph.D. N/A
October 6 MCW - Eye Institute, Lower Level Conference Room Morgan Fedorchak, Ph.D. Instructions
October 13 MU - Olin Engineering 202 Stephen Merrill, Ph.D Link
October 20 UWM - EMS E295 Ramin Pashaie, Ph.D. N/A
October 27 MCW Tugan Muftuler, Ph.D. Livestream Link
November 3 MU - Olin Engineering 202 Tanya Onushko, Ph.D. N/A
November 10 UWM - EMS E295 Yongjin Sung, Ph.D. N/A
November 17 MCW Guilherme Garcia, Ph.D. TBD
December 1 MU - Olin Engineering 202 Jason Hallman, Ph.D. N/A
December 8 MCW Andrew Wellman, Ph.D. Link
December 15 UWM - EMS E295 Peter Tonellato, Ph.D. N/A


Spring 2017

Date Location Speaker/Topic Livestream / Recording
January 20 MCW, MRFC 2063 Melissa Skala, Ph.D. N/A
January 27 UWM - Engineering Building (EMS) 237
Naira Campbell-Kyureghyan, Ph.D. - Ethics and Plagiarism N/A
February 3 UWM - Engineering Building (EMS) 237 Habib Rahman, Ph.D. Recording Link
February 10 MCW-HRC Auditorium
Kevin Koch, Ph.D. Livestream LInk
February 17 MCW-Kerrigan Auditorium Sue Jordan, Ph.D. Livestream Link
February 24 UWM - Engineering Building (EMS) 237 Arash Razmjoo, Ph.D. Recording Link
March 3 MCW-HRC Auditorium Gui Garcia, Ph.D. Livestream Link
March 10 MU Alejandro Roldán-Alzate, Ph.D. Recording Link
March 17 UWM - Engineering Building (EMS) 237 Aaron Suminski, Ph.D. Recording Link
March 24 MCW-HRC Auditorim Aoy Mitchell, Ph.D. Livestream Link
March 31 MU Maria Bengtson Dissertation Defense Recording LInk
April 6-7 (7:30am - 4:30pm) Country Springs Resort, 2810 Golf Road, Waukesha, WI IEEE Great Lakes International Bioengineering Conference N/A
April 14 MCW-HRC Auditorium Ranjan Dash, Ph.D. Livestream Link
April 21 MU Ming Zhao, Ph.D. Recording Link
April 28 UWM - Engineering Building (EMS) 237 Olga Imas, Ph.D. Recording Link


Fall 2016

Date Location Speaker/Topic Livestream / Recording
September 9 UWM
EMS E237
Naira Campbell-Kyureghyan, PhD N/A
September 16 MU
Olin Engineering, 202
C. Alberto Figueroa, PhD Recording Link
September 23 MCW
HRS Auditorium
L Tugan Muftuler, PhD N/A
September 30 UWM
EMS E237
Mahmood Mirhoseini, MD Recording Link
October 7 MU
Olin Engineering, 202
Joseph J. Lee, B.S. Recording Link
October 14 MCW
Kerrigan Auditorium
Charles Welzig, MD Recording Link
October 21 UWM
EMS E237
Nathan Salowitz, PhD Recording Link
October 28 MU
Olin Engineering, 202
Harkamaljot S. Kandail Recording Link
November 4 MCW
HRS Auditorium
Brian Hoffman, PhD Recording Link
November 11 UWM
EMS E237
Susanne Schnell, PhD Recording Link
November 18 MU
Olin Engineering, 202
Netta Gurari, PhD Recording Link
December 2 MCW
HRS Auditorium
Peter LaViolette, PhD Livestream Link

Spring 2016

Date Location Speaker/Topic Livestream / Recording
January 29 MCW
Kerrigan Auditorium
Matthew Hodges, PhD Recording Link
February 5 MU
Olin Engineering, 202
Margaret M. Samyn, MD
Recording Link
February 12 UWM
EMS E237
Valerica Raicu, PhD
Recording Link
February 19 MCW
Bonnie Freudinger Recording Link
February 26 MU
Olin Engineering, 202
Janelle A. Cross, PhD Recording Link
March 4 UWM
EMS E237
Brooke A. Slavens PhD Recording Link
March 11 MCW
HRC Auditorium
Amit Joshi, PhD Recording Link
March 25 UWM
EMS E237
Ionel Popa, PhD
April 8 MU
Olin Engineering, 202
John Kyle Mueller, PhD
April 15 UWM
EMS E237
Marius Schmidt, PhD N/A
April 22 MCW
HRC Auditorium
Xiaowen Bai, MD, PhD Livestream Link
April 29 MU
Olin Engineering, 202
Barbara Smith, PhD

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