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Your Student Career is important to us, and that is why the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering provides faculty mentors and academic advisors for each enrolled undergraduate student.

Beginning in their freshmen year, enrolled students will be supported by both the Academic Advising Center and their assigned Faculty Mentor.  Students will be responsible for meeting with both the Academic Advising Center and their Faculty Mentor each semester to ensure that they are enrolled in the right classes, taking advantage of the best opportunities, and well on their way to having the career they want and deserve. 


Academic Advising

Detailed curricular advising is provided by Marquette University’s Academic Advising Center.  During their bi-annual meeting, students will meet with advisors to review their academic calendar, making sure they are on track to meet the academic requirements of their declared major in the timeframe they desire. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Advising

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How do I contact the Academic Advising Center? 

View the Opus College of Engineering Academic Advising Center website.

What types of things can the Academic Advising Center Help me with?

The Academic Advising Center specializes in helping students fulfill the academic requirements of their declared major.  Meet with them at least once a semester to ensure that you are enrolled in the right classes to graduate on time. 

When do I need to meet with the Academic Advising Center?

The Academic Advising Center can meet with you any time but has dates set aside to meet with students prior to the commencement of each registration period.  To find out when the next pre-registration academic advising period begins, view Marquette’s Academic Calendar. 


Faculty Mentorship

Faculty Mentors will be assigned to students based on the student’s major and specialization.  Students are required to meet with Faculty mentors once a semester but are invited to reach out more often, as the need arises.  Faculty mentors may offer support with academic schedules but also provide the expertise necessary to help students find the experiences and opportunities that will help them stand out in their chosen field. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Faculty Mentors

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How do I contact my Faculty Mentor?

If this is your first semester at MU-MCW, hold on tight.  A faculty mentor has been assigned to you, and they will reach out to you to set up your initial meeting. 

For faculty contact information, view the Faculty Directory.

What types of things can my Faculty Mentor help me with? 

While the mentor-mentee relationship will vary from person to person, your faculty mentor is uniquely qualified to help you with:

  • Defining career-goals
  • Finding internships
  • Finding research opportunities
  • Finding Co-ops
  • Gaining leadership experience
  • Navigating university life

When do I need to meet with my Faculty Mentor?

You may meet with your faculty mentor at any time, but be sure to meet with them at least once a semester and before registering for classes. 


Additional Resources

If you have additional questions regarding the MU-MCW BME Faculty Mentor and Advising program, please contact bme@mcw.marquette.edu.