Gerald Harris, PH.D., P.E.

Gerald Harris

Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Director of Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Engineering Center (OREC), and Co-Director for the Center for Motion Analysis (CMA) at MCW
Appointments with Orthopaedic Surgery and Physical Medicine & Rehabiliation at MCW
Olin Engineering 323
(414) 288-1586
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Research interests

  • Orthopaedic biomechanics, impact biomechanics, rehabilitation engineering and analysis of gait
  • Measurement of human performance
  • Mechanical design
  • Computerized data acquisition and analysis

Professional preparation

Ph.D., 1981, Biomedical Engineering, Marquette University
M.S., 1978, Biomedical Engineering, Marquette University
M.A., 1976, Human Resources Management, Pepperdine University
B.S., 1971, Mechanical Engineering, U.S. Naval Academy

Selected recent publications

Bains, J.S., Carter, E.M., Citron, K.P., Boskey, A.L., Shapiro, J.R., Steiner, R.D., Smith, P.A., Bober, M.B., Hart, T., Cuthbertson, D., Krischer, J., Byers, P.H., Pepin, M., Durigova, M., Glorieux, F.H., Rauch, F., Sliepka, J.M., Sutton, V.R., Lee, B., Members of the BBD Consortium – Incl. Harris, G.F., Nagamani, S.C.S., and Raggio, C.L.: A Multicenter Observational Cohort Study to Evaluate the Effects of Bisphosphonate Exposure on Bone Mineral Density and Other Health Outcomes in Osteogenesis Imperfecta, JBMR Plus, pp 1-10, 2019.

Tosi, L. L., Floor, M.K., Dollar, C.M., Gillies, A.P., Members of the BBD Consortium – Incl. Harris, G.F., Hart, T.S., Cuthbertson, D.D., Sutton, V.R., and Krischer, J.P.: Assessing disease experience across the life span for individuals with osteogenesis imperfecta: challenges and opportunities for patient-reported outcomes (PROs) measurement: a pilot study, Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases, 14:23, pp 1-12, 2019.

McHenry, B.D., Kruger, K.M., Exten, E.L., Tarima, S. and Harris, G.F.: Sagittal subtalar and talocrural joint assessment between barefoot and shod walking: A fluoroscopic study, Gait and Posture, 72, 57-61, 2019.

Radmanovic, K., Albert, C., Fritz, J., Smith, P. and Harris, G.F.: Characterization of Bone Material Properties in Pediatric Cases of Severe Osteogenesis Imperfecta. International Society of Biomechanics (ISB) / American Society of Biomechanics (ASB), 1p., Calgary, Canada, July/August 2019.

Rammer JR, Krzak JJ, Slavens BA, Winters JM, Riedel SA, and Harris GF: Importance of Considering Propulsion Pattern in Therapeutic Outcomes for Pediatric Manual Wheelchair Users. Pediatric Physical Therapy [In Press].

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Recent Grants

G.F. Harris, (Principal Investigator), "Calcaneal Osteotomies for pes planovalgus in cerebral palsy: A long term comparison," Sponsored by Shriners Hospitals for Children. (01/17–12/19)

G.F. Harris, (Principal Investigator), "Advanced Rehabilitation Research Training in Pediatric Mobility for Physicians and Engineers," sponsored by NIDRR: (National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research). (09/2014 - 08/2019)

G.F. Harris (Co-Principal), "Brittle Bones Disorders Rare Disease Clinical Research Consortium," Sponsored by National Institutes of Health (NIH), (08/2014 - 07/2019)

G.F. Harris (Principal Investigator), "Development of a Kinetic and Musculoskeletal Segmental Foot Model," Sponsored by Shriners Hospitals for Children.

G.F. Harris (Principal Investigator), " Shriners Motion Analysis Center Network: registry Development & Research Demonstration," Sponsored by Shriners Hospitals for Children.


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