5-Year BS/MS Program Checklist

Year-4 BS Checklist | Year-5 MS Checklist

So You Know!

Copies of all forms included in this checklist should be submitted electronically to the BME Office at Marquette.  This includes forms required by the Marquette Graduate School. 

This checklist is designed to assist students seeking their Master's Degree in the 5-year BS/MS program offered by the Marquette University and Medical College of Wisconsin Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering.  Students are encouraged to review included requirements but are cautioned that this resource may not be comprehensive. For a complete list of degree requirements, please refer to the appropriate student handbook.     


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Bachelor's Checklist for Use in Year 4

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Complete Necessary Courses

Action: Complete BIEN 53250 and two 5000-level BIEN electives for a total of 9 credits.

Timeframe: Undergraduate senior year



Complete GRE

Action: Complete GRE and submit scores to Marquette Graduate School.

Timeframe: Prior to fall semester of 5th year



Complete Bachelor's Degree

Action: Complete Bachelor's Degree and notify the Marquette Graduate School when you graduate with your Bachelor of Science degree.

Timeframe: End of 4th year


Master's Checklist for Use in Year 5

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Plan Your Program

Action: Submit completed Master's Program Planning Form. 

Timeframe: End of first semester of 5th year



Transfer Credits

Action: Transfer the 9 graduate credits taken during your senior undergraduate year to Marquette Graduate School.

Timeframe: Beginning of second full semester of Graduate Program (usually early January of 5th year)



Complete Graduate Credit Hours


  • Complete 30 credit hours of graduate-level courses, including thesis credits, 6XXX level and above, and approved upper-division courses.  
  • Complete Course Continuation on CheckMarq (Optional)

Timeframe: End of 5th year



Submit Thesis Outline

Action: Submit approved thesis outline to Marquette Graduate School.

Timeframe: During semester of intended graduation



Defend Thesis


  • Coordinate with committee to determine date of defense.
  • Contact Marquette BME Office to reserve a room for your defense.
  • Complete defense.

Timeframe: Upon completion of research



Submit Final Paper

Action: Submit completed paper to Marquette Graduate School for publication. 

Timeframe: When final revisions are complete



Apply for Graduation

Action: Apply for graduation through Marquette Graduate School

Timeframe: By date listed on Marquette Graduate School academic calendar




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