Graduate Course Registration Guidelines

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Registering for Courses at MU and MCW for Joint Degree Students

(Joint PhD degree program, HCTM)

Register at MCW (through MCWConnect) for ALL courses you plan to take and at Marquette (through CheckMarq) for any courses offered through MU.


Registering for Courses at MCW for MU Degree Students

(MS/ME/ADP/Legacy PhD degree programs)

Once you have decided which courses you will be taking at MCW, you must inform the MU BME Department’s Administrative Office. Take for example the Human Physiology course at MCW—you would first contact the MU BME Office and provide the course number, professor, and number of credits. This procedure assures that you get MU credit for taking the class. The MU BME Administrative Office will grant consent for you to register. Next, you must register at MU (through CheckMarq) for BIEN 6947 using form Grad 6945. Choose the section that corresponds to the total number of credits you intend to take at MCW that semester. Furthermore, you MUST register at the MCW Graduate School (through MCWConnect). Your earned grade will show up on your MU transcript.


NOTE: MCW classes may start considerably earlier or later than MU classes, and the weekly meeting schedules may vary. It is your responsibility to register for BIEN 6947.


Registering for Continuation Courses

(MS/ME/ADP/Legacy Ph.D. degree programs)

To register for a Continuation Course, first determine the number of hours per week that your desired status requires. Next, request a permission number for the appropriate course from the MU BME Department's Administrative Assistant. Register for the course on CheckMarq during the standard registration period, with end dates listed on the Academic Calendar under the Add, Swap, Drop or Register Deadline dropdown. Once enrollment occurs, you will receive an email generated by CheckMarq noting in which continuous enrollment course you are enrolled.  The email will also indicate the general expectations of your chosen course, including the number of hours you will be required to work per week. If you become unable to work the required number of hours, you must notify the MU BME Department's Administrative Assistant so that your status may be updated to appropriately reflect the work being completed.

For further details regarding recent changes in the Continuation Course Registration process, please see the Registering for a Continuation Course Addendum


Requesting Graduate Independent Study

To request Independent Study, first work with the course director to complete the appropriate Independent Study Request form.  Next, obtain approval from the course director and department chair.  Once approval is obtained, send the documents to administrators at  Administrators will create appropriate class section in CLSS and complete enrollment.  Once enrollment has been completed, administrators will email you copies of all approved forms.

For additional details on requesting an independent study course, as well as a list of relevant Independent Study Request forms, view the Graduate Independent Study Course Registration Guidelines document.



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