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Feature Stories


Dr. Bing Yu and Graduate Student Tongtong Lu pose in front of the an image produced by their developing technology.From Concept to Cover:  A 10-year milestone on Dr. Bing Yu's road to innovation    

Mar 2021:  Science is a collaborative enterprise, and the journey an idea takes from inception to point-of-care is long and often winding. It may span years and pass from researcher to researcher … Continue Reading


BME Administrative Staff show 'Snack Packs' created for a community outreach project. BME Staff Finds Meaning in Virtual Volunteering   

Nov 2020:   The COVID-19 pandemic and Milwaukee's work-from-home orders have changed a lot about our daily routines, but neither could stop the MU-MCW BME Administrative Staff from … Continue Reading


Computer-generated image of blue virus.Drs. Dash & Terhune Collaborate to Accelerate Discovery

Oct 2020:   It’s a virus that most people have never heard of, yet it infects nearly 90% of the adult population and is a leading cause of congenital birth defects. Cytomegalovirus, a member of the …  Continue Reading



In the News

  • Dr. Frank Pintar and staff of ZVAMC Vehicle Crashworthiness Lab discuss NHTSA project to enhance vehicle occupant safety with Milwaukee VA Medical Center (Mar 2021) View the Article
  • Dr. Frank Pintar represents MU-MCW BME and ZVAMC Crash Lab in discussion with Milwaukee's NPR regarding vehicle occupant safety (Mar 2021)  Go to NPR
  • BME graduate Dr. Ben McHenry featured as Marquette Difference Maker for work with Milwaukee's Go Baby Go program, adapting vehicles for children with disabilities (Mar 2021)  Watch the Video
  • Dr. Adam Greenberg discusses SNAP Lab research with Milwaukee PBS on Timbre, an MATC Production Exploring Music, Acoustics and Sound (Feb 2021) View the Episode 


Grants & Awards 

  • Dr. Bing Yu and collaboratores Dr. Joseph Kerschner and Dr. Wenzhou Hong receive 2-year, $397,000 NIH R21 award for the project titled, "Optical confirmation and monitoring of endotracheal tube position in pediatric patients" (Mar 2021)
  • BME Graduate Student Joey Avila takes second place in MU's 3 Minute Thesis Competition (February 2021)  View Event Details
  • Allison Scarbrough wins MU Graduate Teaching Excellence Award: Non-Instructor of Record for Lab-based Sections (February 2021)
  • Allison Scarbrough is awarded MU's Seeds of Faith Fellowship  (Feb 2021)  Read More  

  • Drs. Ranjan Dash and Allen Cowley receive 4-year, 2.3M RO1 grant for "Mechanisms of mitochondrial-cellular ROS crosstalk in the kidney in salt-sensitive hypertension"  (Dec 2020)  



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