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Feature Stories

CT Scanner Advancements in Imaging

May 2021:   Dr. Taly Gilat-Schmidt's recent work on radiation dose tracking may prove her most immediate opportunity to satisfy her ultimate goal—improving patient care. From complex bone fractures to internal injuries, and especially critical in cancer treatment … Continue Reading


Dr. Bing Yu and Graduate Student Tongtong Lu pose in front of the an image produced by their developing technology.From Concept to Cover:  A 10-year milestone on Dr. Bing Yu's road to innovation    

Mar 2021:  Science is a collaborative enterprise, and the journey an idea takes from inception to point-of-care is long and often winding. It may span years and pass from researcher to researcher … Continue Reading


Computer-generated image of blue virus.Drs. Dash & Terhune Collaborate to Accelerate Discovery

Oct 2020:   It’s a virus that most people have never heard of, yet it infects nearly 90% of the adult population and is a leading cause of congenital birth defects. Cytomegalovirus, a member of the …  Continue Reading


Sept 2021: Drs. Gerald Harris and Joycie Abierta discuss Global Mobility program in Elsevier's webinar series, Global Perspectives on Medicine, Rehabilitation and Robotics

Sept 2021:  BIMA Co-Authors Article for Science Advances, a peer-reviewed, general science publications with an impact factor of 14 (2020).  Learn more


In the News

  • Sprectrum News features MU-MCW BME Engineers and OREC in collaboration with Children’s Wisconsin:  Fitting Motorized Cars for Kids with Special Needs (June 2021)
  • Dr. Robert Cooper contributes to Journal of Biomedical Optics top-cited publication (May 2021)  Read MCW Article (network access required).
  • Dr. Frank Pintar and staff of ZVAMC Vehicle Crashworthiness Lab discuss NHTSA project to enhance vehicle occupant safety with Milwaukee VA Medical Center (Mar 2021) View the Article

  • Dr. Frank Pintar represents MU-MCW BME and ZVAMC Crash Lab in discussion with Milwaukee's NPR regarding vehicle occupant safety (Mar 2021)  Go to NPR
  • BME graduate Dr. Ben McHenry featured as Marquette Difference Maker for work with Milwaukee's Go Baby Go program, adapting vehicles for children with disabilities (Mar 2021)  Watch the Video
  • Dr. Adam Greenberg discusses SNAP Lab research with Milwaukee PBS on Timbre, an MATC Production Exploring Music, Acoustics and Sound (Feb 2021) View the Episode 


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