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Feature Stories

Dr. Goldberg speaks with Undergraduate StudentsPreparing Students for Successful Careers

Nov 2021:  In remaining true to the Jesuit educational priority of preparing students to be leaders in their fields, the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering has taken on the challenge of preparing students for careers involving the design of medical devices by creating … Continue Reading


Headhost of Nathan Luzum and Jayne Wolfe, along with extracellular matrix under scanning electron microscopeCaRE Lab Presents at 2021 BMES Annual Meeting

Oct 2021:  Held in Orlando, Florida, this year’s BMES Annual Meeting featured work by two students from MU-MCW BME's Cardiovascular Regenerative Engineering Laboratory, Jayne Wolf and Nathan Luzum … Continue Reading


CT Scanner Advancements in Imaging

May 2021:   Dr. Taly Gilat-Schmidt's recent work on radiation dose tracking may prove her most immediate opportunity to satisfy her ultimate goal—improving patient care. From complex bone fractures to internal injuries, and especially critical in cancer treatment … Continue Reading


Dr. Bing Yu and Graduate Student Tongtong Lu pose in front of the an image produced by their developing technology.From Concept to Cover:  A 10-year milestone on Dr. Bing Yu's road to innovation    

Mar 2021:  Science is a collaborative enterprise, and the journey an idea takes from inception to point-of-care is long and often winding. It may span years and pass from researcher to researcher … Continue Reading


Grants & Awards 

  • Dr. Scott Beardsley and Dr. Taly Gilat-Schmidt honored for 15 years of teaching excellence at Marquette University (Nov 2021)  View more MU faculty and staff milestones.
  • Dr. Jordan Williams has been awarded a 1-year $125,000 NIH K12 grant from the Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center Development Program for the project titled, “Addressing the clinical feasibility of peripheral optogenetic strategies for spinal cord injury rehabilitation.” (Oct 2021)
  • BME Faculty recognized by MCW as Outstanding Graduate School Educators for AY '20–'21 (Oct 2021)
  • Dr. Brian Schmit, in collaboration with Drs. Xiaoyan Li and Paul Barkhaus, has received a 2-year $431,700 grant from the National Institutes of Health for the project “High-density surface EMG based CMAP scan for motor unit number estimation.” (Sep 2021)
  • Dr. Bob Scheidt along with Dr. Scott Beardsley, Dr. Leigh Ann Mrotek, and Dr. Kristy Nielson, have received a 2-year $420,750 award from the National Institutes of Health for the project titled, “Neural mechanisms of error correction during manual interception of moving targets.” (Sep 2021)

  • Dr. Rob Cooper received a 1-year award in the amount of $39,226 for a collaborative project with Translational Imaging Innovations, Inc. titled, “Validating Automated Photoreceptor Analytics Software For Degenerative Eye Disease Research and Biopharma Clinical Trials.”  The work is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. (Sep 2021)




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