Dr. Taly Gilat-Schmidt Receives Funding to Advance Photon-Counting CT Imaging Technology

Headshot of Dr. Taly Gilat-SchmidtOct. 14, 2022

Dr. Taly Gilat-Schmidt, Professor in the Marquette University and Medical College of Wisconsin Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering, has received an 18-month, 102-thousand-dollar award for a partnership with GE Healthcare intended to improve image quality generated by state-of-the-art photon counting CT technology. By developing algorithms that improve the conventional grayscale images produced from the spectral information, this project will improve diagnostic capabilities while reducing radiation dose requirements, benefiting patients worldwide. 

Awarded to Marquette University, this project builds on Dr. Gilat-Schmidt's previous research advancing photon-counting CT algorithms to better utilize the spectral information detected by photon-counting x-ray detectors. GE Healthcare has worked with Marquette University and Dr. Gilat-Schmidt on previous projects advancing CT imaging technology, collaboratively providing improved dose-reduction features and improved visualization of arteries in cardiac imaging.  These collaborations between GE Healthcare and Dr. Gilat-Schmidt have resulted in algorithms translated into commercial CT products, two patents and one patent pending, and numerous publications.