SUPREMES Program Student Testimonials

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Learn more about the experiences of former SUPREMES Graduates in these end-of-experience testimonials.


SUPREMES Program student working in laboratoryAmazing

"My lab placement was so incredibly fun and I never wanted my time to end. I learned so much and am so grateful that I got to learn from incredible people. One of my favorite experiences from my time in the lab was having the opportunity to hear the Nobel Prize winner Brian Kobilka speak about G proteins. That was truly amazing and an opportunity I would not have in any other program. Participating in this program made me a better scientist and reignited my passion for research."   Ashley Tarcin


SUPREMES Program student working in laboratoryEye-Opening

“My journey in the SUPREMES Program has been nothing but eye-opening. I feel extremely fortunate to have had first-hand experience as to what it takes to be a part of the professional scientific research community, and I know the passion I have always had for research has only increased. Along the way, I was able to acquire life-long skills such as an appreciation for precision, patience, and perseverance, along with a lot of close friends and fun-filled memories.”   Niyati Hansaria


SUPREMES Program student working in laboratoryWelcoming

“I had a few misconceptions about what a research lab would be like. For one, I was sure that scientists would be severe and averse to having a young student about. I also thought that the work would be daunting and a bit boring. My Investigator, Dr. Kroner, quickly showed me that was not the case. She introduced me to others and made me feel more welcome than I could have hoped. This experience taught me a lot about being in an atmosphere different than what I am used to and also showed me how fun it could be in the process.”   Athena Kafkas


SUPREMES Program student working in laboratoryCompletely New to Me

"The program pushed me out of my comfort zone a bit as a lot of the activities involved were completely new to me. In science classes, I was usually stronger in the theoretical aspects than the practical ones, and biology was quite honestly my worst science subject, so I felt a bit out of place at first and unsure of myself.  In that regard, I think the program helped me grow as a person, not just in gaining some experience in research, but also learning how to adapt to a new environment.   Stephanie Chen


SUPREMES Program student working in laboratoryProfessional

"The biggest lesson I learned from SUPREMES would be that you do not always get what you expect. I knew that the research process was a lot of trial and error, but this taught me that the failures can actually make the research better and reinforce what results were expected. Furthermore, the SUPREMES program helped me learn more about the professional environment that comes with research. I do not get that experience from my high school or even my job, so I learned about professionalism and how to be professional during certain situations."   Amanda Schmidt