Translational, Experimental and Computational Cardiovascular Research Laboratory (CV T.E.C.)

computational cardiovascualr lab research
computational cardiovascualr lab research

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Mission Statement

The Laboratory for Translational, Experimental and Computational Cardiovascular Research (CV T.E.C. lab) is involved in the investigation of cardiovascular disease from the perspective of hemodynamics, vascular biomechanics and cellular mechanisms. The ultimate goal of this research is to create programs that improve the quality of life for patients with cardiovascular disease by developing new medical device, procedural, or pharmacological initiatives.

Research Interests

  • Quantify hemodynamic alterations as indices of morbidity after surgical or transcatheter treatments for congenital diseases
  • Characterize interactions between altered hemodynamics from stenting or atherosclerosis and the development of neointimal hyperplasia and thrombus 
  • Immersive virtual reality systems for visualization of computational fluid dynamics results and science, technology, math and engineering education
  • Design and implement novel engineering devices and interventions for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, particularly in children
  • Develop tools for predictive surgical or interventional treatment planning


The CV T.E.C. lab works closely with clinical collaborators throughout the world in addition to the Medical College and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, as well as Discovery World at Pier Wisconsin where basic research concepts are conveyed in an informal learning environment. In addition, our group is always interested in adding undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral scholars with appropriate training and a passion for vascular research. Please use the contact link below to send your CV and a cover letter, or request more information about the positions below:

Lab Director

Dr. John LaDisa
Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Director, Marquette Visualization Laboratory  

Students in lab

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