Audi Wins Outstanding Researcher Award

Headshot of Said AudiApril 26, 2019

Dr. Said Audi, professor of biomedical engineering and director of graduate studies, has been named the Opus College of Engineering’s 2019 Outstanding Research Award recipient.

 Dr. Audi’s research interests focus on developing experimental and computational approaches for evaluating metabolic, bioenergetic and hemodynamic functions of the lung under physiologic and pathophysiologic conditions. His recent funding from the National Institutes of Health will support research focused on developing the basis of a clinical means for early detection of ARDS; new prognostic information of clinical importance to patients with mild ARDS; and a quantitative and mechanistic understanding of the role of a key cellular target in ARDS progression and regression.

In presenting Dr. Audi's award, Dr. Brian Schmit, Associate  Dean of Engineering at OCOE, stated, “Dr. Audi is an excellent researcher, as noted by his significant funding from the NIH and other organizations, as well as his reputation among his colleagues and students. Most importantly, his research is changing lives by improving the outcomes for ARDS patients while reducing associated health care costs."


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OCOE's Outstanding Researcher Award

The Outstanding Researcher Award is the Opus College of Engineering’s annual award recognizing research excellence. Awarded at the annual convocation, this honor is given to an engineering faculty member that has demonstrated outstanding scholarly work that has an impact on the world. 


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